M&S have officially won Easter with their chocolate sloth

This is not a drill. We repeat: this is NOT a drill

M&S chocolate Easter sloth
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This is not a drill. We repeat: this is NOT a drill

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's M&S's new Easter range and my oh my, their food development team have really upped their game when it comes to the niche chocolate Easter treats this year.

First, we brought you Aldi's booze-infused chocolate eggs and Lindt's brand new white chocolate gold bunnies; next, from supermarket giant Marks and Spencer, we present: an edible chocolate sloth.

Oh yes. Forget your bog-standard hollow oval affair, this Easter M&S are taking things one step further with their chocolate cuddly concoction, aptly named 'Seth'.

Hand-decorated, Seth is a hollow chocolate sloth made from milk chocolate. For just £5, you can adopt your very own (cocoa based) sloth to take home with you—whether you decide to welcome him into the family as a life-long pet or not, you'll still have 135g of creamy milk chocolate to enjoy. We stress, in this instance, a pet certainly isn't for life (unless you have the self restraint of a saint or a weird aversion to chocolate).

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Available in all major M&S supermarkets until Easter, Seth joins a range of Easter treats from the supermarket, from your more traditional Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies, to the more out-there, like Seth.

Also in the slightly-niche-but-still-totally-needed category is the Flameggo, a bright-as-you-like chocolate flamingo shaped egg. Did we mention it's hot pink? It's hollow, too, with hand-decorated features, and will also set you back £5, the same price as Seth. Although whether you can call this one an egg is up for debate.

The cute Easter treat was first reported on Kev’s Snack Reviews (@kevssnackreviews) Instagram channel after he discovered Seth in his local branch. Keep your eyes on his channel for all the most exciting new food launches and products to be keeping an eye out for in supermarkets and online.

What are you waiting for? M&S have also got a whole host of other luxe Easter treats on offer, so we'd advise heading in store, quick. Seth's waiting for you...

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