Walkers Sensations just launched a savoury Easter 'egg'

Yes, you read that right.

Walkers Sensations savoury Easter egg
(Image credit: Walkers Sensations)

Yes, you read that right.

Crisp and wine fans, this one's for you. There's a brand new limited-edition Easter egg in stores and, well, it's quite something.

Yep, Walker's Sensations crisps have launched what's believed to be a first—a savoury ‘egg’ made from a sharing bag of Sensations Thai sweet chilli crisps, a bamboo snack bowl, a bottle of organic wine, wine glasses and a credit for an Amazon Prime video. Not bad.

Available to buy on amazon.co.uk now, the Sensations Easter egg offers a fun alternative for those who love Easter but don't have a sweet tooth (aka the kind of people who aren't excited about the new Lindt white chocolate bunnies and booze-infused Aldi chocolate eggs) (Madness).

The launch comes after a surge in interest in alternative Easter eggs, with new options on the market spanning everything from the viral M&S chocolate sloth to this new crisp-centric creation from Walkers.

You can get your hands on the 'egg' for £19.99, which, as it's from Amazon, includes next day delivery, too. Plus, if you bought the lot at full price, you'd splash out £34.99, meaning you're saving £15 on the deal. Winner, winner.

Amazon Walkers Sensations Easter 'Egg', £19.99, amazon.co.uk

Walkers Sensations savoury Easter egg

Sensations Easter 'Egg'

Ali Kirk from Walkers Sensations said: 'We know there’s a growing trend for savoury over sweet at Easter because 37% of the public say they think there's more savoury snacks available in exciting flavours and one in five (18%) say they think chocolate Easter eggs are for kids.'

'So, there’s never been a better time for our savoury Easter treat to go on sale. Clearly, the ultimate night in involves a carefully balanced combination of ingredients. We’ve worked hard to identify the perfect mix and have brought it to life with this limited-edition alternative Easter egg. It’s a unique savoury alternative to the traditional chocolate Easter egg and a true feast for the senses.'

Keen to get your hands on your own, or buy one for a loved one? Head to amazon.co.uk now.

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