This epic box of Lindor eggs is on sale on Amazon in time for Easter weekend

If you saw us eating all 48 of them, no you didn't.

Lindt easter

If you saw us eating all 48 of them, no you didn't.

Just two sleeps left until Easter – meaning just two sleeps left until we can finally eat our weight in Colin the Caterpillar easter eggs. Not only is this weekend a glorified excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast (although given the pandemic's warped sense of time, fair dues if you've been doing that anyway), lockdown restrictions have been lifted enough to allow for groups of up to six people, from any number of households, to meet outdoors.

And if you're using the partially relaxed restrictions for an epic Easter egg hunt (yes, doing one with yourself totally counts), we've got just the thing for you. Presenting: this mega-box of mini Lindt Lindor eggs, on sale on Amazon for just £25.

Weighing in at a solid 1.3kg, and containing approximately 48 mini Lindt eggs, this truly is the Easter treat to beat out all Easter treats – so we're thinking that you might want to Prime it to yourself pronto.


Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Filled Eggs – £25 | Amazon

Each melt-in the-mouth chocolate egg is individually wrapped, and is roughly the same size as a classic Creme Egg. (Think Lindt's classic Lindor sweets – which, PSA, are now available to pick & mix at Sainsbury's – but in larger form.)

And while it definitely gets our vote, safe to say it's got some stiff competition. Yep, Easter is looking pretty epic on the snacks front this year – what with M&S' giant chocolate Percy Pig (drool) and some Nigella Lawson-approved hot cross bun gelato to contend with.

With The Guardian reporting that Britons have spent almost £50m more on Easter treats this year – with UK shoppers having spent £37m on hot-cross buns and £153m on Easter eggs up to 21 March – we think it's only fair that out of of the worst of years, should come the best of snacks.

Bring on the sugar coma.

Kate McCusker

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