Creme Egg Dairy Milk bars exist and this is not a drill

creme egg dairy milk bar

This year, Christmas is all about sweets. Forget the beauty advent calendars - there are so many treats on offer for the festive period that you'll be filling up your shopping trolly with all sorts of delights, from the Christmas Colin the Caterpillar to the Mr. Kipling Christmas cakes.

Plus, Sainsbury's are introducing a Lindt pick & mix station to 72 of their stores for anyone who wants to create the perfect box of chocolatey truffles. The actual dream.

So if you're on the hunt for the best sweet treats, steady yourself because a Creme Egg Dairy Milk bar now exists and what a time to be alive.

Think your go-to Dairy Milk bar filled with the gooey goodness of a Creme Egg. Yum.

creme egg dairy milk

However, if you really want to get your hands on one don't expect it to cost you the same as your average Cadbury bar. They are imported from across the globe, making an 180g bar £6.99 plus £1.99 for shipping. You can buy yours at GB Gifts.

Sure, £9 for a chocolate bar is a little on the steep side - but can you really put a cost on delicious confectionary? Possibly. But it's worth investing at least once - especially if you're looking for something unusual to put in your stocking this Christmas, or want to get your BFF/other half/favourite colleague something to show your appreciation.

Will you be stocking up on the Creme Egg Dairy Milk bars?

Go on, treat yourself. It is Christmas after all...

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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