This biscuit has been voted as the best in the UK - and we totally agree

uk favourite biscuit

If you've got a sweet tooth (same), you'll know the feeling of needing something sugary in the afternoon - after all, can you really take a tea break without a bit of chocolate or a biscuit? Whether your go-to is McVitie's new biscuit range, a Cadbury's Dairy Milk or the new orange chocolate Toblerone bar, we all have our favourites.

But when it comes to the UK's best biscuit, which one comes out on top?

According to a new survey by UK insight agency Perspectus Global, one classic crumbly delight takes the crown - and it's the iconic McVitie's Chocolate Digestive.

The 2,000 participants were given a list of 20 biscuits and told to choose their fave, and the coated Digestive - which was first invented in 1925 - was named the winner.

In second and third place were Shortbread and Chocolate Fingers respectively, followed by Jaffa Cakes (one for the biscuit or cake debate) and Chocolate Hobnobs.

However, Nice, Fig Rolls and Garibaldi didn't do so well, taking the last three spots.

While 63% of the 16 to 29 year olds surveyed prefer Oreos, only 15% of over 60s would pick the snack. Instead, 60% of that age group would opt for a Ginger Nut instead.

So, here are the UK's favourite biccies:

1.Chocolate Digestive


3.Chocolate Fingers

4.Jaffa Cake

5.Chocolate Hobnob

6.Custard Cream

7.Jammie Dodger

8.Maryland Cookie


10.Crunch Cream

11.Plain Digestive

12.Viennese Whirl

13.Rich Tea

14.Ginger Nuts

15.Hob Nob


17.Malted Milk


19.Fig Roll


Do you agree with the results?

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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