After hours of scrolling, these are hands down the best advent calendars I’ve found

A shopping editor’s top picks of the best advent calendars

best advent calendars - woman's hand reaching down to the papier advent calendar
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We’re well into November and that means all the best advent calendars are officially available to shop. I don't know about you, but the idea of opening a quaint little door to reveal a little treat each morning is one of my favourite things about the build up to Christmas.

You might think it’s a little early to start thinking about Christmas traditions, but the most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner, and before you know it the best advent calendar options will have sold out. Half of the best beauty advent calendars, for example, are already out of stock. So now's not the time to play it cool.  

As a shopping editor, I scroll through an embarrassingly large amount of products on a daily basis (meaning I’ve already dropped some serious gift guide hints to anybody who will listen) so I’ve become pretty well accustomed to picking out the best advent calendars to shop. 

I’ve scoured through hundreds of retailers so you don't have to. I know, I know, I shouldn’t have. 

From classic chocolate options to tipple treats and even festive socks, there’s an advent calendar out there for everybody (even jewellery advent calendars). Keep scrolling to shop my top picks.

The best advent calendars of 2023

1. Fortnum's Feasting Advent Calendar

2. Selfridges Collection Festive Mini Mince Pie Advent Calendar

3. Sockshop 25 Pair Christmas Advent Calendar

4. 24 Doors of Desk Delights Papier advent calendar

5. Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Christmas Advent Calendar

6. Fortnum's Chocolate Truffle Selection Advent Calendar

7. Tony's Chocolonely Countdown Calendar

8. Barebells Advent Calendar 2023

9. Bonne Maman Jam Advent Calendar

10. Newby Tea Advent Calendar 2023

11. John Lewis Beer & Snacks Advent Calendar

12. The Naked Marshmallow Co Advent Calendar

13. MIMI & LULA Luxe hair Accessories Advent Calendar

14. Lily's Kitchen Dog Christmas Advent Calendar 2023

When should I start my advent calendar? 

Advent marks the beginning of the spiritual year in Western Christianity, with the first day falling four Sundays before Christmas day. If you’re following tradition, the first day of Advent falls on Sunday 3rd December this year, so that’s when you can crack your advent calendar open.

Saying this, as advent calendars are typically numbered from 1 - 25, most people start their advent calendar on the 1st of December, using it as a countdown to Christmas day. So if you want to get started on your treats early we won’t tell anybody - promise.

Valeza Bakolli
Junior Shopping Editor

Valeza Bakolli is Marie Claire’s Junior Shopping Editor. She previously worked at BuzzFeed, where she honed her skills in all things shopping - from gift guide curation to being first on the scene to feature the latest fashion and beauty drops. She’s made it her mission to encourage people to shop mindfully and with purpose. That’s why she dedicates hours of her time every day to finding the best products online so you don’t have to - from small and sustainable businesses wherever possible, of course.