These are the baby names most destined for fame and success

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With a December coronavirus baby boom predicted as a result of the lockdown, many people will be looking for the perfect name for their bundle of joy. And we've got you covered, whether you want the rarest baby names in the UK, the smartest baby names or the baby names that earn the most money.

However, if you have dreams of your little one becoming famous then you'll want to take a look at the monikers which could determine whether or not your child becomes a star.

Flowercard has studied over 20,000 celebrity names to find out which ones could give your baby the biggest chance of Hollywood status. They analysed various lists on Wikipedia to find male and female actors, musicians and TV and reality stars from the UK and USA. The names were also grouped by nicknames and abbreviations under that moniker, so that John, for example, covers all Jons, Jonathans, and Johnnys.

If you're expecting a boy, Johns come out on top with over 540 male celebrities holding the name, followed by Robert with 450 and James with just under 400. Other names that made the top ten are Michael, William, Richard, David, Tom, Chris and Steve.

For girls, the top three are Kate with 232 stars, Elizabeth with 175 and Anne with 160. Mary, Margaret, Jennifer, Laura, Julie, Patricia and Susan are the remaining monikers on the list.

For those who want their child to become a star on the silver screen, John, Robert, Michael, Kate, Eliazbeth and Ann are the names you need to go for.

But if you would like your little one to be a music whizz, opt for John, James, Robert, Elizabeth, Jessica or Alicia instead.

So there you have it - the names of the famous. Will your child be the next superstar? You could try one of these names and see...

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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