These are the rarest baby names in the UK right now

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  • Looking for a unique baby name not many other people have?

    Choosing a baby name is a task and a half. Not only does it have to be something you and your partner like (and will continue to like for the rest of your lives, no pressure), but it also preferably won’t be a name that every other child born in the same year has. We all remember having five Jessicas in class during the ’90s, right?

    Some people like to channel the most popular baby names list for inspiration, but if you’re at the other end of the scale and would rather pick something totally unique for your little one, then keep scrolling.

    As the Office for National Statistics releases the most up-to-date baby naming data, for children born in 2020 in England and Wales, we’ve skipped past all the monikers at the top of the list, and instead are focussing our attention on those nearer the bottom. The ONS only records names given to a minimum of three babies each year, and in 2020 there were just over 3,000 baby names this rare.

    unusual baby names

    Want to find the best of the bunch? We’ve combed through and picked out 26 rare baby boy names, and 26 unusual baby girl names – one for each letter of the alphabet – to get your creativity flowing. Some are unique due to their spelling, and some you just simply won’t have heard of before. But hopefully there’ll be something in there to provide inspiration for your future child…

    Rarest baby girls names in the UK:

    1. Alaria
    2. Brody
    3. Cyan
    4. Darlia
    5. Ephie
    6. Flossie
    7. Georgette
    8. Hally
    9. Inca
    10. Junie
    11. Keva
    12. Luanna
    13. Morag
    14. Nettie
    15. Oceanna
    16. Pearle
    17. Quratulain
    18. Rosaline
    19. Sicily
    20. Teigen
    21. Umi
    22. Venetia
    23. Wyllow
    24. Xaria
    25. Yohana
    26. Zowie

    Rarest baby boys names in the UK:

    1. Alper
    2. Baron
    3. Chandler
    4. Derry
    5. Eliah
    6. Finch
    7. Gulliver
    8. Harlyn
    9. Iskander
    10. Jedd
    11. Kingsleigh
    12. Lion
    13. Mico
    14. Nash
    15. Oxley
    16. Pacey
    17. Quinten
    18. Roddy
    19. Spike
    20. Thibault
    21. Uri
    22. Vitor
    23. Wolfram
    24. Xion
    25. Yassar
    26. Zavi

    Would you pick any of these names for your little one?

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