These are the 2020 baby names set to earn the most money

What’s in a name? Well, a lot, apparently. If you want a brainy baby you might want to pick something from the list of the smartest baby names. If you want something trendy you might want to steer clear of the worst baby names, and if you want a vintage moniker take a look at the most popular baby names of the twentieth century.

But would you pick a name if it was more likely to make your baby rich?

According to new data from Ask Traders, there are a few names that come out on top when it comes to financial success.

By analysing CEOs from some of the largest companies in the world, including Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Rolls Royce and Amazon, they found that girls called Billie or Eve could expect around a £40,000 annual salary, while boys called Logan and Eric could rake in even more.

So which names will supposedly make your little one more successful?

Let’s take a look…

Most successful girls names of 2020

Billie – £40,789 (average annual salary)

Eve – £39,952

Austin – £39,679

Ariana – £29,553

Ivy – £22,875

Most successful boys names of 2020

Logan – £45,394 (average annual salary)

Eric – £44,549

Freddie – £43,905

Arthur – £40,644

Tommy – £35,197

Most successful gender neutral names of 2020

Jude – £39,792 (average annual salary)

Max – £37,180

Ellis – £30,083

Rowan – £30,040

Evelyn – £29,714

All of these names are very cute, so if you want your baby to earn some serious cash, you know what to do.

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