December horoscopes predict a pretty eventful festive season - what's in store for you

An astrologer's guide to Christmas.

December 2022 horoscope
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Keen to read your December 2022 horoscope? We don't blame you - it's always a tad cold and dark (and it's also known as one of the most popular months for partners' to quiet quitting relationships).

Aside from Christmas markets, work parties, and New Years' Eve celebrations, there are a few astrological events on the horizon, too. Mercury enters retrograde two days before the end of the year, and while mercury is known for causing havoc (Mercury Retrograde survival kit, at the ready), you needn't fear, because December's got some treats in store for you.

Ready to look to the stars for guidance? Astrologer, cosmic coach, and Moon Child Sorority founder, Bex Milford, shares her astrological wisdom for what each star sign can expect this festive season.

December 2022 horoscope: an astrologer's predictions


December 2022 horoscope

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It may be the last month of the year, but with the month starting in the sign of Sagittarius, it is the time to broaden your horizons. 

Perhaps you want to book that life-affirming trip for 2023. Or you may finally feel ready to decide to commit to a new skill or form of study that’s been on your mind this year. Is it time you took the plunge in order to share your talents with the world? 

Try: Embracing this practical energy by taking the time to logically map out the next steps of your professional life. A career pivot could be just what you need right now.


december 2022 horoscope

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Embrace intimacy, and share your deepest feelings with those you care about most. A secret may be revealed, or you might find yourself getting to the bottom of something that’s been occupying your thoughts. 

When Venus moves into Capricorn on the 10th, look out for chances to be generous with your love. If you’re single then you’re likely to be attracted to people from a different culture, or may forge a connection with someone while travelling. 


december 2022 horoscope

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The month begins with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all sitting pretty in your 7th House of relationships, meaning this is the ideal time to tell someone you care, spend time with your partner, hit those dating apps or smother yourself with self-love.

Mercury stationing retrograde on the 29th can cause toxic people to come out of the woodwork, so ensure you’ve put boundaries in place to stop any ‘energy vampires’ from drawing you. 

Remember that ‘no’ can be a loving and positive word, so resist replying to that ex-partner or checking their social media - you’ve come this far! But here is what to do when your ex texts you, just in case. 

Try: Making the most of your friends and accepting those uplifting invitations.


December 2022 horoscope

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The month begins with a focus on work, health and your daily routine - perhaps you’re embarking on a new wellness journey, starting a new exercise regime, or actively taking steps to improve your happiness in your job.

When Jupiter re-enters Aries on the 20th then it gives an expansive boost to your professional life. Where have you been playing it safe in your career? Where could you actually take a risk or challenge yourself to take on more authority or step into a leadership role? This is the time to have faith in yourself and go for it! 

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december 2022 horoscope

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Fun and frivolity are the key words here, so put serious plans to the side for the moment and kick up your heels. Romance can also be on the cards, so don’t be afraid of a little flirtation. 

It’s a great time to put yourself in the spotlight, so enter that competition, take the stage, or put yourself forward for your dream role.  

Look out for chances to expand your horizons when Jupiter moves into Aries on the 20th - this could mean accepting a travel opportunity or trying something new career-wise. 


December 2022 horoscope

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You may find yourself enjoying cosy home life more than usual at the start of the month, and there’s nothing wrong with a bit of nesting, especially at this time of year. 

Make the most of it and create a space that feels secure and safe, so you can rejuvenate yourself and take some time out to restore your energy. Embracing creativity, hobbies or simple flirtations may result in more abundance than you think.

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december 2022 horoscope

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You may find the start of the month is especially busy, filled with travel, a full inbox emails, or a long to-do list. Try communicating with a variety of interesting people who expand your perspective. 

Share your ideas, you never know what connections can result in exciting opportunities. Networking can make all the difference to your career. 

Things start to settle down around the 10th, take some time to rest, recuperate and nourish yourself to avoid seasonal burnout. Expect a boost to your love life from the 20th - if you missed any opportunities for romance earlier this year then don’t be surprised if they return, or you simply reach a new level of passion with your partner. If you are single, use this as an invitation to take a leap of faith when it comes to love.


december 2022 horoscope

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Money is on the mind this month - this can include setting a budget, or spending on something you’ve been saving for. This can be a positive time to increase your earning potential by teaching, applying a new skill, or expanding out of your current comfort zone, so bear this in mind when making financial decisions. 

Prepare to become a lot busier from the 6th - either running errands for family, becoming involved in your local community, or getting sucked into lengthy email chains. Make sure to take some time for yourself - it’s okay to say you need rest if you’re at capacity. 

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December 2022 horoscope

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Since the month begins with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all holding a cosmic party in your sign, then this is a time to express yourself.

This is a superb time for a new wardrobe, haircut, or simply to throw yourself into a situation that reflects the ‘real you’. 

Relationship issues may float to the surface from the 7th. This could include limiting beliefs that block your ability to open up to love, or ways in which you are currently dissatisfied and would like to take your relationship to the next level. 


December 2022 horoscope

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The month begins with a focus on your personal self-development, with a bit of soul-searching thrown in for good measure. Has a new form of spiritual practice such as meditation or breath-work been calling to you? 

This is an important time for healing, so don’t be afraid to embrace solitude or take some time out. From the 21st of December, it is the time to step back into the spotlight and revel in the ‘new you’ that you’ve been working towards creating. Start that project, take the necessary steps towards a fresh start, or change your appearance in a way that boosts your confidence. 


december 2022 horoscope

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The beginning of December will most likely be a social time for you, with the Sun, Mercury and Venus lighting up your 11th ‘House of Good Cheer’. Enjoy this chance to appreciate friendships and share ideas - by opening up to other perspectives you might discover the diamond of an idea that will continue to gleam well into the new year. 

Networking is especially beneficial right now, so see how you can extend your reach. When Capricorn Season begins on the 21st you could naturally find yourself retreating as little, as your focus turns inward and you crave some time to reflect and work on healing. 


december 2922 horoscope

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The month begins with a focus on your career - perhaps you’ve been throwing yourself into a project at work, taking on more responsibility or diligently applying yourself to professional goals. 

You can’t do it all, so be selective with the events and projects you accept. If you’re single then this is a prime time to meet someone from your friendships group, or through some kind of networking event. If you’re loved up, then use this as a chance to engage in an activity with your partner or do something social together - you’ll be reminded of what attracted you to one another.

What's in store generally for December? 

Keen to read some Christmas predictions?

"We enter December still riding high on the fizzing, fiery energy of Sagittarius, the optimistic archer of the zodiac. During this time it pays to speak your truth, believes in the best, and embark on an adventure of the heart," shares Milford.

The last full moon of the year appears in the sky on the 7th of December. Completing the moon cycle in the sign of Gemini, it ends the first week of December in a reflective mood. Milford suggests using this lunar phase "to release limiting beliefs, and notice where we’re telling ourselves unhelpful or outdated stories which restrict us." In other words, it's time to write a new narrative.

December is Sagittarius season, and it is the perfect time to re-write the script. "It reminds us that every day we are creating a new adventure, and we have the chance to nudge up against the boundaries we’ve put in place as a result of fear and anxiety. If life feels boring or repetitive, we can change our current scenario via our mindset or physical routine," Milford reveals. 

Not only that, but a new moon in Capricorn brings new beginnings and intentions on 23rd December, meaning it's probably a great time to set intentions for a glorious Christmas. 

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