The best of London Fashion Week

My round-up of London Fashion Week shows, parties and style

My round-up of London Fashion Week shows, parties and style

London Fashion Week has drawn to a close, but just when I thought it was safe to retreat back into jeans and Ugg boots for a day, I remember I'm being filmed for Marie Claire TV today and need to look better than I have all month (a bad outfit on the front row night draw a few disapproving glances, but will be forgotten soon enough and video lasts forever).

Luckily, the past few days have provided plenty of inspiration for what to wear for my small screen appearance. Eighties day-glo neons a la Topshop Unique, perhaps? Or maybe a gorgeous laser-cut dress from Jaeger London?

In fact, in keeping with the Brit-pack theme, I'm going to wear a Jasmine De Milo LBD I picked up just before the shows. So far it's been too cold to wear it outside, but the warmth of a few studio lights should keep compensate for the sleeveless design.

If I was really towing the party line this week, I should probably add a chic little hat, too. Thanks to Stephen Jones, who celebrated the opening of his V&A exhibition – Hats: An Antology – with a chic soiree on Monday night at the museum, a petit chapeau beats any It-bag or shoe this season.

Jones' shindig wasn't the only party in town during fashion week (credit crunch, what credit crunch?), with stylish happenings all over London every night this week, however, the only place to be on Sunday evening was the debut LFW appearance of Sienna and Savannah Miller's Twenty8Twelve label.

Held at The Dairy on Wakefield Street (which I'm told really does function as a dairy during the day, although God only knows where all the milk was stored during the show), the event was a rip-roaring success from the time the ropes were dropped at the entrance to when the two bashful blonde sisters took their bow at the end of the runway to a standing ovation.

Although the clothes themselves aren't going to reinvent the wheel, what they will do is sell… lots. And in these economically dismal times, it's nice to know those sexy sequinned minis, spray-on denim trousers and exquisitely-cut jackets are affordably attainable, too.

(Later update: the video we filmed this morning is now live, I can't bear to watch myself, but if you want to, it's right here!)

(Even later update: just looked at the dress I was wearing on, and I totally didn't wear it correctly; that little strap I had hanging down at the front all day, was actually supposed to wrap around my body. Doh!)

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