Princess Diana's iconic sheep jumper is set to go up for auction

Here's how you could own a piece of history.

Princess Diana wears famed red and white sheep jumper from Warm & Wonderful
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Throughout her life, Princess Diana wore many outfits that will go down in history. From her quintessential '80s puff sleeve wedding dress to her off-the-shoulder LBD 'revenge' dress, the royal was nothing short of a fashion icon

Though, when recalling her more casual looks, Princess Diana's sheep jumper immediately springs to mind, being one of the few off-duty outfits that has gained as much recognition as her formal attire. And now, the iconic jumper could be yours...

Princess Diana wears famed red and white sheep jumper from Warm & Wonderful

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Yes, Sotheby's has just announced that is it set to auction off Princess Diana's exact Warm and Wonderful sheep sweater, as a part of its inaugural Fashion Icons sale, later this year. The company has stated that bidding will commence on August 31 and conclude on the 14th of September.

So how did Sotheby's manage to get their hands on this little peice of fashion history, you might ask? Well, it's kind of a funny story. 

According to the designers behind Warm and Wonderful, Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne, Princess Diana had actually sent her original jumper back to the brand in order to get it repaired. However, instead of repairing the item, the brand just sent her an entirely new jumper in its place. 

As per Sotheby's Instagram, the pair continued, “This past March, as we were rummaging through the attic searching for an old pattern, we spotted a small box. Inside, tucked away beside a cotton bedspread was Diana’s original red sheep sweater from 1981.”

A serendipitous moment, indeed. 

If you want to get your hands on Warm & Wonderful's iconic sheep sweater, but don't have the patience to wait until August (or the funds to buy the exact one owned by Princess Diana) the brand still sells replicas of the style spotted on the royal all those years ago. 

In fact, now Warm & Wonderful utilise that recognisable sheep motif across a number of different items including jumpers, socks, hats, bags and more. 

For more information on Sotheby's Fashion Icons sale, visit their website, or keep scrolling to shop Warm & Wonderful's current designs below.  

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