Can you wear black to a wedding? These 5 easy to recreate looks prove yes

It's a fashion faux pas no more

Best black wedding guest dresses listing
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With wedding season on the horizon, wedding guest dresses have become a key topic of conversation in the Marie Claire offices recently. From floral dresses to bright-hued iterations and petite-specific designs, there is certainly no shortage of chic options around for whatever style of wedding you're heading too. 

However, while you might be inclined to think that weddings are a time for colourful looks and vibrant gowns (and they definitely have their place), a new study has actually found a more surprising trend emerging. According to a study by the fabric experts at Dalston Mill Fabrics, the most popular colour for a wedding guest dress this summer, is actually black with searches for 'black wedding guest dresses' hitting over 74,000. 

Best black wedding guest dresses Hannah Strafford Taylor in black midi dress and gold bag

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Evidently, the choice is so popular that the shade actually beat other colour choices by over 10,000 searches. In succession were 'green wedding guest dresses,' which comparatively had a search volume of 63,000 while pink came in at third place with 48k searches. Following behind were blue and red with 44.5k searches 30k searches each. 

You may be questioning whether you can wear black to a wedding and it's not just the above data that proves you can. While historically, black has not been considered a popular colour for weddings due to its association with mourning, the tide has certainly changed over the last few years. The look is even gaining popularity when it comes to bridesmaid dresses (Sofia Richie Grainge opted for black for her service, last year). 

And, when you think about it, it's no surprise that black is considered a smart choice for a wedding. Offering both an elevated and timeless aesthetic, there's nothing quite as classic as a little black dress.It can also be seen as a more eco-conscious option, given black dresses are extremely versatile and likely something you will wear again more often than other colours. 

If you're considering wearing black to a wedding ,you're most likely wondering which styles are best? Well, the great thing about black dresses is that they come in SO many different styles and can easily be adapted to suit your personal style as well as the type of wedding you're going to, whether it's a chic city wedding or something more kitsch and countryside. 

To hep you with inspiration, I've found some incredible black dresses that would look perfect at an upcoming weddings you may have, as well some the best accessories to finish the look. Keep scrolling to see you yourself...

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A city wedding

Best black wedding guest dresses Hannah Strafford Taylor in black midi dress and gold bag sunglasses

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A destination wedding

A black tie wedding

A town hall wedding

Best black wedding guest dresses Harlie Briggs in black printed kitri dress

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A countryside wedding

Best black wedding guest dresses Fisayo Longe in black floral dress

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