This Aligne waistcoat is everywhere ATM but here are the products I’m even more obsessed with

The Aligne new-in section is not to be missed

woman wearing a waistcoat from the aligne new in range
(Image credit: Aligne)

I’ve been seeing one *specific* waistcoat style all over my social media at the moment - it’s longline, has a structured waist, plenty of buttons and a chic high neckline - and the Aligne SS24 collection excels in this exact style. The only problem? It’s almost sold out in pretty much every colour right now.

But fear not. Aside from the viral waistcoat (which can be styled with satin skirts, baggy jeans, linen trousers - you name it), Aligne’s spring/summer collection is awash with modern silhouettes and lightweight tailoring in muted tones with flashes of colour and print. Essentially, this is a timeless fashion-lover’s dream -and I want it all.

As a Shopping Editor, I browse through hundreds of products on a daily basis - so naturally I have my favourite brands that I gravitate towards, and Aligne is definitely one of them.

Why? Well, the brand nails sophisticated dressing - from elevated basics and chic tailoring to elegant, timeless pieces that have a trend-led feel but somehow still feel really timeless. The sort of pieces you can wear year after year, making them worth the investment.

For the reasons outlined above, Aligne’s products sell out fast, but luckily, the brand does pretty regular restocks of its most popular styles. That’s where we come in - this article will be updated regularly with the newest Aligne drops for you to shop.

So without further ado, here are the Aligne new in pieces I have my Shopping Editor’s eye on right now - from linen sundresses to chic workwear, this is everything currently in my basket.

Our top Aligne new in picks

Valeza Bakolli
Junior Shopping Editor

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