Here’s the celeb who beat Kylie Jenner as the most impactful attendee at fashion week


Impactful attendees at fashion week
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Between appearances at Acne Studios, Balmain, Balenciaga and more, you wouldn't be wrong for feeling like Kylie Jenner was absolutely everywhere at Paris Fashion Week this year. 

The beauty mogul was spotted sitting next to a very famous Editor-in-Chief at Loewe and seen supporting her friend, Bella Hadid, backstage at Coperni. Given all of this, it would be easy to assume that Jenner was the most influential fashion week attendee this year, but according to new data from Karla Otto and Lefty, she actually came in second place. 

So who beat Kylie Jenner for the top spot, we hear you ask? None other than K-pop star Jisoo. 

Jisoo attends the Dior show at Paris Fashion Week

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Jisoo made only one appearance at Paris Fashion Week attending the Dior runway show (where she was seated next to Natalie Portman). Despite this,  Karlo Otto and Lefty predict that on Instagram she created an Earned Media Value (EMV) of $22.4M. This is in comparison to Kylie Jenner who attended multiple runway shows with a predicted Instagram EMV of $22M. 

As Karla Otto and Lefty define it, EMV is calculated based on what the equivalent ad spend of the impressions gained would be. When it comes to Jisoo's reach, one factor contributing to her high influence could be her level of engagement. According to the study, Jisoo has an IG engagement rate of 7%, while Jenner's rate sits at just 1%. 

Other impactful people at fashion week included Bella Hadid with an estimated EMV of $15.3M and Kim Kardashian with an estimated EMV of $10.8M. 

Bella Hadid on the runway at Coperni

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Aside from impactful attendees, the data also interestingly ranked the brands which created the highest influence on Instagram throughout fashion month. According to the analytics, Dior took out top spot with $45.5M EMV, while Coperni and its viral spray-on dress, landed in fourth spot, beating the likes of Valentino, Prada, Balenciaga and Chanel. 

Zoe Anastasiou
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