Dua Lipa just unveiled the It-bag of the summer, and it’s see-through 

Move over mesh ballet flats: there’s a new see-through accessory in town

Dua Lipa
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Sure, Dua Lipa’s most recent Instagram post might’ve ostensibly been about announcing her summer tour—which opens in Berlin—but I choose to see it as more of a soft launch of what I predict will be this year’s summer It bag.

Enter: the summer It bag

If the success of Alaïa’s mesh ballet flats is anything to go by, we’ll be seeing a lot of the brand’s Demi leather-trimmed mesh shoulder bag—and everything inside it, too.

Mesh accessories are having a moment despite their innate impracticality, though as the proud owner of several pairs of net flats, I can attest to their breathability and unrivalled comfort.

Dua Lipa debuted the half-moon shoulder bag in a carousel of Berlin snapshots, which saw the singer visit some of the city’s cultural hotspots, such as the Helmut Newton Foundation and Studio Olafur Eliasson. Like the fashion chameleon she is, she adapted to her surroundings, opting for all-black outfits, knee-high boots, and a hefty dose of leather (someone knows the unofficial Berghain dress code).

The sultry mood extended to opening night of her summer tour, too—think fishnet tights, more see-through (a dress, this time), and studs aplenty. It was all very Berlin. A third outfit change included a vintage Sonic Youth band tee, micro shorts, and another studded belt, which was just the right amount of Avril Lavigne (imho).

Dua Lipa is known for hitting the balance between innovative and accessible. She’s not so cool that it’s intimidating, but she’s still cooler than everyone you know. And while rhinestones, see-through sheers, and a moody palette of black and grey are very much her signature, lest we forget her gothic Met Gala gown (which, again, with the crystals), the tour look felt tailored towards her host city. Where Dua goes, others follow, so get ready to bare all because, from naked dresses to mesh and net accessories, the hottest look this summer is being totally transparent.

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