This bag has experienced a 300% increase in search, thanks to Succession

It's been described as "ludicrously capacious."

Burberry Tote Bag
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If you have been on the internet this week, you've likely seen memes about a "ludicrously capacious" bag. The viral moment came courtesy of the season four premiere of Succession, and describes the accessory of choice that Cousin Greg's date brings to Logan's birthday party. 

"Everyone’s laughing up their sleeves about your date, because she's brought a ludicrously capacious bag," the line of dialogue explains. "What’s even in there, huh? Flat shoes for the subway? Her lunch pail? I mean, Greg, it’s monstrous. It’s gargantuan. You could take it camping. You could slide it across the floor after a bank job?"

Since the show's premiere a few days ago, the quote has been memed endlessly. Twitter users are running the line of dialogue alongside everything from recent pop-culture moments (like Gwyneth Paltrow's court trial) to iconic movie clips (think Devil Wears Prada). 

The gargantuan bag in question is Burberry's vintage check canvas top handle bag, and unsurprisingly since the show's viral moment, its search has sky-rocketed online. 

According to data from 3DLook, Google searches for the term ‘Burberry Tote Bag’ have risen by +310% since the show aired. While searches for the term 'Burberry handbag' and ‘Burberry tote’ are also up. 'Burberry handbag' has experienced a  +180% increase in search, and 'Burberry tote' is up by +25%. 

Burberry Tote bag

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It is obvious that Succession fans are keen to understand where exactly to purchase this much-talked-about accessory, and currently, the item is available to shop at Harrods, Selfridges, Farfetch and more. 

While the show's characters may have been mocking the look, oversize handbags are actually having a moment right now. In fact, larger-than-life bags were a key trend spotted on the Autumn/Winter 2023 runways, championed by the likes of Ferragamo, Jil Sander, Loewe and more. 

Turns out, we might soon all be carrying ludicrously capacious bags. Keep scrolling to shop the exact Burberry bag below. 

Shop the 'ludicrously capacious' Burberry bag from Succession: 

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