Apparently, this is when the boy most likely to win Love Island will enter the villa


love island winner week two
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Love Island 2022 season is officially in full swing with chats by the fireplace, bombshells and dramatic dumpings on the agenda this summer - we've already had one Love Islander contestant unexpectedly quit the show!

While the drama makes perfect memes - looking at you Ekin Su - no one forgets that the aim of the game is to win.

The £50,000 prize isn’t the only thing to stay in the villa for, as each year, the Islanders become more famous, and win even more Instagram followers. 

This year, the season started with a new spin, with fans deciding who should couple up. Now, new research by paddy power has discovered what makes a love islander, a winner. 

Based on the previous series', the research shows the male love island winner is most likely to arrive in week two. 

If week two is the best time to enter, then who is set to win? 

Love Island 2022 winner predictions

In week two, three bombshells entered the island villa, Jacques O’Neill, Jay Younger and Remi Lambert. 

With model Remi already dumped last night, it is down to Jacques and Jay to fight for the top spot.

According to the research, the boy with the best chance of winning is aged 23. The research also reveals, that the boys with the best chance of winning work in manual labour or sports, have brunette hair, enter in week two, and have one partner the entire time ("I’m loyal babes"). 

So, how does that pan out?

Coming in at 28 years old, Jay Younger, an investment analyst, just misses the mark. However, Jacques is actually 23 years old. and according to the research, he has all the signs of a Love Island winner. 

Jacques’ entrance put the bomb in bombshell, as Gemma revealed he is her ex-boyfriend. 

This is slightly problematic as Gemma, who is only 19, admitted to ending things a year and a half ago, making her 17 and Jacques 21. 

Fans were quick to point out that the age combination is less than ideal, but Jacques has since settled in nicely with his new partner Paige.

With so many changes already in this series, and with more bombshells and Casa Amor to come, anything can happen.

What are your predictions?

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