A definitive guide to the best beauty products spotted on Love Island

If they're good enough for the villa, they're good enough for us

Ah, Love Island. Such a simple concept, but it’s safe to say it has well and truly captured the nation’s hearts.

As well as teaching us a thing or two about beauty, one thing we’re particularly interested is spying the products used by contestants – both supplied for them and those the girls have taken into the villa themselves.

Read on as we rank the best beauty products spotted on Love Island.

Dani and Georgia’s setting spray

MAC Prep + Prime Fix+, £19, John Lewis

In the scorching heat of the villa, having a refreshing setting spray is a no-brainer. The girls are often spotted spritzing their face with MAC’s bestselling Prep and Prime Fix+ spray, two bottles of which are pictured next to all those brushes.

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Georgia’s make-up applicator

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, £5.99, Boots

We know an orange Real Techniques sponge when we see one! Above, Georgia is getting that flawless foundation finish with what we’re sure is the Miracle Complexion applicator. We bet Sam and Nic Chapman are thrilled.

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Jo Loves Perfume, £70-£115, Space NK

Credit: ITV

There’s no mistaking that logo: you can spot a bottle of Jo Loves on the shelf, bottom left, while Kazimir Crossley gets ready for her date with Josh Denzel. We can’t quite spot the specific fragrance in question, but whether the girls have gone for a Pomelo or a White Rose and Lemon Leaves, there’s no question they’ve got great taste.

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Make-up remover

Nivea Daily Essentials 3-in-1 Micellar Water, £4.99, Boots

On the other side opposite the Jo Loves, that circular navy logo with a purple sticker is without doubt Nivea’s micellar water, whose gentle and non-greasy formula will work wonders on even the heaviest of eye make-up looks.

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Ellie’s eyeshadow palette

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette, £33.60, Fabled

We’d recognise a Naked Palette anywhere, and it looks like Ellie is a fan of the newest addition to the gang, Naked Heat. With every warm, copper shade you need for this season, it’s no wonder one made it into the Love Island villa.

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Georgia’s Eyeshadow

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish, £25.50, John Lewis

We all love a multi-use beauty product, and it appears so does Georgia Steel. Here’s little G applying MAC’s iconic Skinfinish to her lids in what we reckon is most likely bronze shade Glow With It.

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The villa hairdryer

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer, £299.99, Boots

love island beauty

Most famously used by Dani to separate and dry her lashes, and also by Jack for this innovative beauty hack, the famous Dyson Dryer has taken up residence in the Love Island villa. Famed for its technological brilliance and super fast digital motor, heat regulation that takes the temperature 20 times per second and its lightweight design, the contestants are getting the best of the best when it comes to tools.

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Sun cream and after sun

Solait Sun Cream, from £2.99, Superdrug

Covering all bases with a broad range of SPF levels and after sun formula, the bargain Solait range is supplied to the villa by Superdrug themselves. It’s handily stashed everywhere from the bathroom shelves to by the sun loungers and pool, so the islanders are never without – which is a very good thing considering how much time they spend lounging outdoors in the sun.

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The girls’ straighteners

ghd White Platinum Styler, £148.50, Fabled

Considering how much time they’re spending in front of the camera(s), it makes total sense that the girls would get only the best when it comes to hair styling. The ghd Platinum straighteners take pride of place on the side, along with the Dyson Dryer. We’re calling it, this dressing room is the definition of heat styling goals.

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B. Pure Sensitive Micellar Wipes, £1.49, Superdrug

You’ll spot face wipes in pretty much any shot of the villa’s dressing room, as they’re used by almost everyone in the villa to take off all that make-up at the end of the evening (or just for a quick refresh before bedtime in the boys’ case).

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Invisibobble Clear 3 Pack, £4.99, ASOS

Love Island beauty products

Many of the villa residents, including Laura, Megan and even Eyal, have been spotted with an Invisibobble either in their hair or on their wrist. Just goes to show how popular the snag-free hair ties really are.

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Megan’s lip colour

Rimmel Stay Satin Liquid Lipstick, £5.99, Lookfantastic

When it comes to drugstore lipstick, Rimmel is up there with the best of ’em. Here Megan wears shade ‘Rad’, while Samira has been spotted wearing deep wine-red ‘Have a Cow’. The girls also use Satin’s sister formula, the Stay Matte liquid lipstick – dumped islander Rosie was partial to shade ‘Plum This Show’.

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The Wet Brush in Loving Lilac, £11.99, ASOS

A hairbrush is a holiday essential for most of us, and you couldn’t get much more iconic than the Wet Brush. Known as the go-to detangling brush for years now, you can spot the purple one tucked next to the Dyson dryer, along with a similar looking buy from Superdrug.

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Aussie Leave-In Conditioner Spray, £4.69, Boots

Tucked just behind the water bottle is the cream-and-purple spritz bottle we’d know from a mile off. With all the sunshine having a drying effect on their locks, we’re glad to see that some restorative Aussie goodness is in the villa.

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Lip balm

Carmex Moisture Tube, £2.69, Boots

That’s definitely a tube of iconic lip balm, Carmex, tucked in that make-up bag. The bargain balm is one of the nation’s favourites and, apparently, also the islanders. Great for soothing and smoothing sun-exposed lips.

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Rimmel Love Island Summer Tattoos, £2, Superdrug

Every contestant was emblazoned in golden temporary tattoos for the party welcoming then-new boy Sam Bird to the villa. They’re ideal for festival season, and at that bargain price you can’t go wrong.

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There’s no longer any need for you to do the beauty detective work, as we’ve done it for you.

Watch this space for updates on the beauty products this year’s islanders are using as we get them…

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