Everything I’ve learnt about beauty from this year’s Love Island

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    I am a beauty editor, so you would think that I am clued up about all things beauty, however this season’s Love Island has taught me and reminded me of a few important lessons.

    1. Matching your eyebrows to your hair colour is not always the right move

    Megan, the beauty who came in just last week and is partnered up with Eyal (or Eyore as I have so fondly named him), is rocking the dark brow, bleached-blonde hair look. And I for one, applaud it. You are normally encouraged to colour match your locks to your brows, but here is a prime example of why some beauty rules are there to be broken. Yes Megan!

    love island beauty

    2. Pigmentation is not a joke

    We’re all guilty of spending a little too long in the sun and most of us will end up a little burnt (please see point 5), but some of us will end up suffering from pigmentation, taking various forms, including freckles. Laura has been spotted showing off her freckled face, before she’s applied her foundation, and whilst they do look quite sweet they are a tell-tale sign of someone who has spent a lot of time exposed to the sun’s dangerous rays. It’s a very big reminder to us all to look after your skin in the sun and afterwards. This means always using the best SPF moisturiser, during the day – every single day – and treat pigmentation with exfoliation and antioxidants, like a vitamin C serum.

    love island beauty

    3. Hairdryers really can dry all hair

    In one of the first episodes, Dani (who incidentally is my current favourite; Dani & Jack for the win!) confused the nation when she grabbed one of the Dyson hairdryers, which are available for the Islanders to use in the dressing room, and a teeny tiny little brush and began to blowdry her lashes. Many took to Twitter to express how baffled they were by Danny Dyer’s daughter’s actions. However, this is in fact a bloody good beauty hack. If, like Dani herself, you have recently had a lash extension treatment, then this is exactly how you should look after them. Exposure to water – from the shower or that pool that they never go in – can cause the lashes to go a big ske-whiff, so lash technicians actually encourage you to brush and dry them to make sure they stay fluffy and full.

    love island beauty

    4. We should go natural more often

    Don’t get me wrong, I love make-up. I love that it hides my dark circles, I’m obsessed with the way that a slick of red lipstick transforms my normally tiny mouth into something more voluptuous and also it’s my bread and butter, so it helps pay my mortgage. But I do think that there are times when going completely bare-faced is the way forward and I actually think that Rosie should go bare more often. Look at how beautiful Rosie looks without make-up and her false eyelashes.

    love island beauty

    5. Sun cream is the most important product in your beauty arsenal

    People look good with a tan there’s no denying it, but not taking the sun’s power seriously is a big mistake. You would think that our darling Alex, the doctor, would know better, however since he appeared on our screens just over two weeks ago he has been every shade of pink you could imagine: blancmange, beetroot, lobster. Whatever you’re doing this summer or wherever you’re going, be sure to use the best sun cream. Pink ain’t cool kids.

    love island beauty

    So there we have it, the five things I’ve learnt from sitting on my sofa for an hour, in front of my TV at 9pm every night. Except Saturdays.

    I’ll be sure to update this list if I find myself being schooled again.

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