Hugh Grant just seemed to confirm a huge plot twist for Bridget Jones


Bridget Jones 4
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Earlier this month, the fourth Bridget Jones movie was officially confirmed after years of speculation that Renée Zellweger would reprise her role as everyone's favourite city-dwelling (and frazzled) Brit. After an eight year hiatus she's back for the next instalment, Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy, and it seems that the 'boy' in question is none other than One Day star Leo Woodall.

Excitement is at an all-time high for those who have defended the need for the millennial heroine in 2024, and Renée will be joined by the likes of Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson once again - much to fans delight. However, one name that was notably missing from the cast list was Colin Firth. The actor has played Mark Darcy since the first film was released in 2001, but he doesn't seem to be returning for round four.

But during an interview with People, Hugh Grant appears to have addressed the missing Mark furore. He shared that he has seen the script and not only does he believe it's 'very good', he also gave weight to a theory currently doing the rounds online. The latest Bridget Jones sequel will be based on the fourth book in Helen Fielding's series. That novel, Mad About The Boy, sees a 51 year old Bridget looking for love again - and navigating the chaos that is dating apps - after the death of her husband, Mark Darcy. When Colin Firth's name didn't appear in the new cast list, fans were convinced that the movie will follow the same plot as the book. And after Hugh's latest comments, it seems that it's exactly what fans can expect.

In the interview, Hugh Grant said: "It's partly based on Helen Fielding’s experiences of bringing up two children by herself after her husband died. And so Bridget is bringing up two kids and wondering whether she should ever go back to dating. It’s a very good script."

However, it is worth noting that there is no official confirmation just yet - so if you're still hoping for a Mark comeback against the odds, then same.

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