Does this mean that Doctor Foster will be back for a third series?

Please yes

Please yes

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Just as we were coming to terms with the two year wait for Game of Thrones season 8, the second series of Doctor Foster returned to keep us busy. And what a return it was.

Suranne Jones, who plays the GP in the gripping BBC drama, won a Bafta for her performance in the first series and she told Marie Claire that she was unsure about taking on the role for a second time.

'When they said, "Should we do another one?" I was suspicious that this was just because the first one was a success,' she admits.

But just three episodes in to the second series, we're all pleased that she did it. Doctor Foster season 2 has seen the oscillating power struggle between Gemma and Simon following his return to their small town, and it has kept viewers on the edge of their seats - not to mention with a tonne of questions.

What exactly was that gift that Gemma gave Simon's new wife, Kate, at their wedding party? Was Simon always that much of a manipulative bastard? Is no one going to call Ros out for being a whiney liar?

While we still have two episodes left of the current series, Suranne has already hinted that a third series could be on the cards.

'If Mike [Bartlett] comes up with another story then we'll talk about it,' she told The Mirror. 'But for now, like the first one, it's got a really good, solid ending.'

Viewers were shocked last week when they watched Gemma and Simon's marathon hate sex session, but Suranne hopes their back-and-forth is seen as a lesson for anyone going through a breakup.

'Hopefully it will make people think twice about divorce or having an affair in the first place,' she added.

'I certainly hope it makes people think about how they conduct themselves, if they do split with somebody. Ultimately, I just hope viewers enjoyed the ride of watching two people who really fucking hate each other having to breathe the same air.'

We certainly have. Here's to hoping they'll all be back again at the same time next year.

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