An immersive Game of Thrones dinner is coming and we're there

Sign. Us. Up.

dinner is coming game of thrones

Sign. Us. Up.

Game of Thrones season 8 is almost upon us, and we'll soon find out why the usually fearless Arya was legging it in the first full-length trailer. We're also desperate to know why Tyrion was so devo'd about Dany and Jon's saucy late night cabin booty call (well, reasons, but does he know the truth?), and what the hell caused the heartless Cersei to shed an actual tear.

There are theories floating about all over the place - is Littlefinger really dead? Does the original script hint at who will take the Iron Throne? Is Sansa a secret baddie?

If, like us, you're waiting (un)patiently for season 8 to start on April 14th, we've got some good news for you - you can almost literally transport yourself to Westeros and live like a GoT character for the night as part of a new immersive themed banquet.

Dinner Is Coming is an experience at The Vaults underground tunnels inspired by Game of Thrones and directed by Sam Carrack, blending a huge feast with theatre, comedy and murder. Guests will also be treated to specially designed drinks and a menu designed by chefs Chavdar Todorov and Steven Estevez.

Ticket holders are also encouraged to dress up as someone from their chosen house, whether it's as a gowned Cersei from her long-haired days, a rugged Jon in a feathered cape or a simple Citadel-ready Samwell Tarly.

The show is suitable for ages 18+ as it contains nudity, violence, strong language and dragons (apparently), and the venue is located at The Vaults, Waterloo, London.

The show will run from 9th April until 2nd June 2019. Ticket prices start at £35 and the bar is open until late on Fridays and Saturdays.

We'll be there.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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