Does this original GOT script reveal who’ll sit on the Iron Throne?

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  • Really?!

    Game of Thrones season 8 is almost upon us, and the fan theories are coming thick and fast. Sophie Turner might have revealed how the show ends, but the rest of the cast is keeping quiet when it comes to spoilers (except Kit Harington, who’s wife Rose Leslie didn’t speak to him for three days when he told her how it all ties up).

    So how about this: an old Game of Thrones script was found, and it seems to suggest that one of the remaining characters has secretly had their eye on the Iron Throne all along.

    The Huffington Post found a production draft of the original pilot at a library at Texas A&M, which just so happens to be where George R.R. Martin likes to unwind, and there are a few unusual differences. Initially, there was a scene where Jon Snow got drunk, the White Walkers spoke and Jaime and Cersei’s relationship was even more confusing.

    But there was also a meddling Catelyn Stark, who had her eyes on the Iron Throne prize – for her daughter, Sansa. Originally, there was an exchange between Ned and Catelyn about heading south to secure Sansa’s place as awful Joffrey’s soon-to-be wife, and it went like this:

    Ned: ‘I’ll refuse him. I’m a northman. I belong here, not down south in that rats’ nest they call a capital.’

    Catelyn: ‘He would make our daughter Queen.’

    Ned: ‘Is that what you want for her? A pretty crown to wear?’

    In the version we’ve all seen, Catelyn is less interested in her daughter becoming the Queen of Westeros – it’s Sansa herself who’s keen to marry Joffrey and become the next Cersei.

    But it’s interesting that in both instances, Sansa is eager to hop on the first horse out of Winterfell to lay claim to the Iron Throne.

    Does that mean she’ll be gunning for it in the upcoming season? Has Sansa still got her eye on ruling Westeros? Can she be trusted?

    Only two months to find out.

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