Claudia Winkleman has issued a stern warning to contestants on The Traitors

There is some *drama* brewing

The Traitors UK season 2
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The Traitors quickly made a name for itself as reality TV competition gold when it first hit the BBC in late 2022. Claudia Winkleman is at the helm, and the show follows 22 people who have packed their bags and headed to the Scottish Highlands for a real-life murder mystery game, attempting to uncover who among them is secretly a Traitor in order to win a huge cash prize. 

While the premise is simple, the goings on at Ardross Castle are anything but. As the Traitors lie, scheme and backstab behind the scenes, the Faithfuls are left to work out who they can and cannot trust - and, of course, it often ends in lots of intense, highly-charged and heated interactions. 

Viewers have been watching The Traitors UK season 2 unfold, and it is fair to say there have been some utterly nail-biting moments - and if you're not caught up, this is your warning that there are spoilers ahead

At this point in the game, the group have only managed to banish one Traitor (Ash), with Paul, Miles and Harry remaining as the trio of secret schemers. On the other hand, they have successfully banished 4 Faithfuls at the nightly round table (Sonja, Brian, Jonny, Anthony) and 4 have been murdered (Meg, Aubrey, Kyra, Tracey).

Following Tracey's departure last week, host Claudia Winkleman issued a stern warning to the group during breakfast - and viewers believe this could be a turning point for the players. As she removed Tracey's photo from the wall, she said: "I loved Tracey. Im gonna give you a tally. We are halfway through. You have lost seven Faithfuls and you have caught one Traitor. Seven, one. I'd say that's a bit embarrassing. Stop worrying about who has got the jam, stop worrying about how you take your coffee and start paying attention."

Fans of the show have taken to social media to share their thoughts on Claudia's reaction, with on writing on X: "Claudia is disappointed in them all, 7 faithfuls and only 1 traitor gone."

Another added: "Claudia was Diane levels of stern there. Wow." 

A third said: "Claudia telling off The Faithfuls for doing a s**t job half way through."

Episode six was left on a cliffhanger, as Miles handed fan-favourite Diane a poisoned chalice in a bid to murder her in plain sight. However, viewers didn't see whether or not she drank from the cup, instead noticing how suspiciously she appeared to look at him. Fans are also rooting for Jaz, who seems to be onto both Paul and Harry.

Could this be the breakthrough moment that the Faithfuls need? 

The Traitors continues on BBC One and BBC iPlayer from Wednesday 17th January.

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