Lip reader claims this is what J-Lo and Ben Affleck were saying during Grammys 'argument'

A clip of the couple appearing to bicker has been doing the rounds online

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
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The Grammys 2023 buzz is still going strong thanks to some historical celebrity moments - whether it was Beyoncé's incredible wins, making her the biggest Grammy winner of all time, or Harry Styles and Taylor Swift's sweet reunion

Oh, and then there was this iconic Lizzo moment which her fans are absolutely living for. 

But one A-lister that got some unexpected attention on social media was none other than Ben Affleck. The actor attended the 65th Grammys Award ceremony in LA with his wife, Jennifer Lopez, and while J-Lo was spotted dancing, smiling and having a great time, Ben once again got the meme treatment thanks to his rather unimpressed and unenthused facial expressions

Twitter was awash with clips of the Gone Girl actor looking glum, sparking the Bored Affleck meme to add to his library of viral moments (think Stressed Affleck smoking in a doorway, Dunkin Donuts Affleck struggling with his takeaway order, and Sad Affleck looking blankly into the distance during an interview with Henry Cavill). 

However, eagle eyed viewers also noticed that there was a moment between Ben and J-Lo that appeared a little tense. 

The clip, which is currently circulating online, shows Ben whispering something to his wife, with J-Lo appearing a little irked and mouthing something back before he quickly adjusts his posture and sits up before they realise they're on camera. 


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Fans were quick to comment on the clip, with one saying: "HER FACE WHEH SHE SAW THE CAMERA LOL."

Another added: "The camera men at the Grammys deserve extra pay. They got all the good shots."

Now, a lip reader has told the Daily Mail what they think the couple were saying to one another. 

They told the publication that J-Lo said: "Stop. Look more friendly. Look motivated."

Ben reportedly replied: "I might."

J-Lo and Ben have not commented publicly about the speculation just yet, but some fans believe that the moment has been blown out of proportion. 

One wrote: "I think he was just flirting with her and she told him to quit it."

So there you have it!

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