Harry Styles got in trouble with this A-lister at the Met Gala in 2019

Oh dear.

Harry Styles at the Met Gala 2019
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Harry Styles has gone on to have huge success as a solo artist after waving goodbye to his One Direction bandmates, and it's fair to say that his rise to superstardom, comprising of Grammy wins for his music and roles in Academy Award winning blockbusters, puts him into the A-list category of celebrities. 

However, it seems that the Watermelon Sugar singer got into a bit of hot water with one of Hollywood's most esteemed figures when he got a little over excited at the Met Gala in 2019. The annual gathering sees the biggest names in film and fashion congregating at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, and it just so happens that one performer had a visceral impact on Harry. 

According to Dame Joan Collins, Cher performed her hit single Believe to the crowd of celebs and everyone in the room was dancing and enjoying themselves. But Harry, swept up in the moment, decided to dance on a table and obstructed the Hollywood heavyweight's view - which she wasn't best pleased about. 

In the Dynasty star's new memoir, Behind the Shoulder Pads: Tales I Tell My Friends, 90 year old Dame Joan Collins explains: "The sophisticated crowd went mad for her, standing up whooping and cheering. Bette Midler, wearing a top hat and tailcoat in glittery black sequins, came to our table and boogied with Julianne Moore, and I glimpsed Gwyneth Paltrow and Katie Holmes doing the same."

She added: "Cher left after her first number then came back wearing her original Bob Mackie-style sleek black embroidered bodysuit and a massive black curly wig to sing Believe. Harry Styles jumped on the table in front of us, obscuring our view, and took no notice of our entreaties to 'Get down, we can’t see.'"

Despite her restricted view, Collins claimed she had a great night but she may not be returning in a hurry. She wrote: "I loved my first Met Ball, and I would certainly go again in a heartbeat. Although at $30,000 a seat, I’ll wait to be invited!"

Behind The Shoulder Pads - Tales I Tell My Friends is available to buy now. 

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