Barry Keoghan is facing backlash after appearing in Sabrina Carpenter's music video

Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter
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Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter finally appeared to hard-launch their relationship last week when the singer dropped her music video for Please Please Please. The Saltburn star features as Sabrina's law-breaking love interest, and after months of speculation it finally confirmed that they are an item.

The pair were first rumoured to be dating in late 2023, and while they have teased fans with photos and thirsty Instagram comments over the last few months they haven't officially confirmed their relationship until now. However, despite the couple's ever-growing fanbase, their hard-launch hasn't been without controversy.

In the summer of 2023, Barry reportedly split from his partner of almost three years, Alyson Kierans. The former couple share a son Brando, who they welcomed in 2022, but in an interview with GQ in January Barry declined to comment on their split, instead stating that Alyson has 'done a great job and she’s an incredible mother'. In an interview with The Daily Mail around the same time, Alyson's mum confirmed that they were now co-parenting their young song, and that Barry had told Alyson about his new relationship.

But eagle-eyed fans noticed that in the wake of Sabrina's music video last week, Alyson liked an Instagram comment praising her for being a mother who 'raises their kids practically by themselves'. The comment read: "More appreciation for mothers raising their kids practically by themselves. My mom was my hero!!! You're already his hero too."

It has caused a fairly heated debate online with some questioning Barry's parenting, while others have defended him by pointing out that Alyson's mum spoke about how well they are co-parenting. One user wrote: "How often does Barry Keoghan see his 20-month-old son when he's on tour with his new girlfriend?"

Others were surprised to find out he was a dad, with one person writing: "Barry Keoghan has a child!?!!?!"

In his defence, a third said: " The mother of Barry Keoghan's ex literally said that Barry and his ex co-parent just fine, yet y'all are trying so hard to convince yourselves he's a deadbeat simply because his ex likes every single comment anybody leaves on her Instagram."

During her interview with the Daily Mail earlier this year, Alyson's mum Kathy said: "They're on talking terms and need to be for wee Brando. Barry had the decency to give Alyson the heads up about his new girlfriend and we can't fault him for that. Alyson is now focusing on herself and her son."

Well, that's that.

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