Adele has opened up about why she was 'sulking' in that viral court-side meme

That moment has *finally* been explained

Adele's viral courtside meme
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Adele is known not only for her incredible voice and best-selling albums, but for her frankness when talking to her fans. During her Las Vegas residency shows in the US, the singer has talked to the audience about everything from her health condition to her desire to have another child, and she even appeared to confirm that she has married Rich Paul.

At her most recent gig, however, she decided to talk about that viral video of her pouting at an NBA game in 2022. It's likely that you've seen the clip of Adele looking less than impressed as she sits court-side, pretending that she doesn't notice that she's being filmed, despite the cameras being right in front of her. Her nonchalant demeanour and reluctance to engage with those recording her sparked a million memes - and now, she's revealed why she was 'sulking' at the NBA All-Stars game in Cleveland, Ohio two years ago. 

During the show, Adele told the crowd: "Do you remember that viral meme of me looking like I don't give a flying f***? I'd like to give some context about that meme. I know it sounds crazy, but I really don't like being famous, right? So obviously, I know I'm sitting court-side at a basketball game, you're asking for it. Whatever."

She continued that the clip led to speculation that she had lip filler, but shared that she was actually pouting because she was 'sulking'. Adele said that the camera crew at the game had asked her if they could film her to appear on the big screens, and despite saying no they proceeded to record. 

She continued: "The reason my lips looked like I had filler... the reason I looked like a different person was because I was sulking."

So now you know!

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