Adele opens up about 'really bad' health condition that affects her ability to walk

'I have to waddle these days.'

(Image credit: Gareth Cattermole / Getty)

Adele kicked off her Las Vegas residency in November, performing at the iconic Caesars Palace until 15th March 2023. 

The Hello singer was scheduled to perform in early 2022 but was forced to cancel the shows, later revealing that they would be postponed until the end of the year. 

So far, it has been a huge hit with fans who have watched her belt out her hits and twerk onstage.

However, the singer has also been candidly sharing with the audience, opening up about therapy after her divorce and how she 'holds herself accountable'. 

During a recent performance, Adele also revealed that she has been diagnosed with a health condition that impacts her ability to walk. 

Adele was reportedly handing out T-shirts to those at her New Year's Eve show when she spoke to fans about her chronic back pain. 

As reported by The Daily Star, she said: "I’ve got two more, I’ve just got to get over to the other side of the stage.

"I have to waddle these days as I have really bad sciatica."

Sciatica is described by NHS website as 'where the sciatic nerve, which runs from your lower back to your feet, is irritated or compressed.'

In the past, Adele has revealed she struggles with back pain, telling The Face: "I’ve been in pain with my back for, like, half of my life, really. It flares up, normally due to stress or from a stupid bit of posture.”

She added that she has suffered from a slipped disc in the past, continuing: "I was in bed and I sneezed and my fifth one flew out.

"And then where I had a C-section, my core was useless... But where I got my tummy strong, down at the bottom, which I never had before, my back don’t play up as much."

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