6 foundation mistakes we all make and shouldn’t

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    Finding the right foundation is hard enough (take this quiz to make it easier), let alone trying to apply it like a make-up maestro. Even if you think you’ve mastered the art of foundation, you’re probably still doing quite a few things wrong. So, if you’re doing any of these things, stop. Now.

    1. Packing on too much

    Naturally, when you have areas you want to cover up, like fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes, you apply more foundation than you should. Problem is, when your foundation builds up, it draws attention to that area. Or settles into creases. Instead of building up product in these areas, dab the area with a make-up sponge or tissue to absorb excess product.

    2. Testing shades on the back of your hand

    First thing’s first, your face isn’t the same skin tone as the back of your hand, so if you test the shade here, you’re bound to get quite a big surprise when you use it. But that doesn’t mean you should test it on your face either. If you want it to blend completely seamlessly, you need to go for a shade that works with the skin tone on your neck.

    3. Applying concealer under your foundation

    If you apply foundation over the top of concealer, you’ll end up moving the concealer from the area you need it when you blend. Apply your foundation first and then your concealer on top where needed.

    4. Skipping primer

    Does your foundation seem to change colour throughout the day? Perhaps go a bit orange? This happens when too much of the pH in the oil of the skin mixes with the pigment in the foundation – otherwise known as oxidation. Primer provides a barrier, so this doesn’t happen. Simple.

    5. Stopping at your jawline

    Don’t. Keep going. If you want to avoid the dreaded foundation line across your jaw, you need to blend right down onto your neck.

    6. Your setting it with too much silica powder 

    While it’s excellent at absorbing excess oil and controlling shine, too much of anything good thing is, well, too much. When applied too generously and not properly blended it bounces enough light from a flash to show up in photos. Something you’ve probably seen happen a lot on the red carpet. The problem is that you can’t tell it’s too much and not properly blended until a flash hits it.


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