How to apply foundation like a pro in four simple steps

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  • Because you HAVE to nail the first step

    Nailing your base is arguably the most important part of you make-up application. Bugger that bit up and it’s all down hill from there. Even if you’re armed with all of the best foundation for your skin type and the best make-up brushes you can find. Which is why when we got the opportunity to ask a make-up artist anything, we wanted to know how to apply foundation like a pro.

    Caroline Barnes, the Max Factor UK Ambassador, told us this…

    How to apply foundation – step 1:

    Make sure your face is bathed in light. Ideally daylight, but if you can’t, make sure you have some sort of light directed straight to the face.

    How to apply foundation – step 2:

    Hydrate your skin. I don’t just mean putting your day cream on in the morning. I mean making sure your skin is hydrated enough that the skin actually feels a little tacky, because this means that it’s ready for makeup- it will adhere better and last longer. This is key.

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    How to apply foundation – step 3:

    Use your hands to apply you foundation, like you would the best moisturiser. If you like a natural look, only use a small amount. If you like a lot of coverage, use  more. When people ask me how to apply foundation, I always say the best way is with your hands. They’re essential. The help migrate the foundation onto your skin to make it look natural.

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    How to apply foundation – step 4:

    Finally, buff it all our with a foundation buffing brush. Work from the centre of the face out. This will diffuse the colour and make sure you have equal amount of product all over your face.

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    So there you have it.

    Now you will never, ever get it wrong again.

    You are most welcome.

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