Clinique has launched a Black Honey mascara inspired by the cult lipstick—and I can confirm it's *so* good

For a more natural make-up look

Jazzria Harris wearing Clinique Black Honey Mascara
(Image credit: Jazzria Harris)

If you haven’t heard of Clinique’s Black Honey lipstick, then I can only assume you have been living under somewhat of a beauty rock. The now classic lipstick has been a stalwart in the beauty market for over 50 years, known for its sheer, plum-toned shade and barely-there lipstick finish, and it is loved by celebrities and influencers alike.  

Now, Clinique is taking the concept of this natural-looking, polished finish to the eyes by extending the Black Honey collection with, yep, you guessed it a burgundy coloured mascara. And although the mascara is no doubt the hero new addition, the brand has taken the rich burgundy tone we’ve come to know and love across a host of new and trending formulas. While the new Black Honey lip oil is already cementing itself as a beauty stapl (it was sold out in two of my local stores this week), what I was most interested in was the new limited-edition Black Honey mascara, a richer re-imagining of Clinique's classic High Impact Mascara.  

Sitting between a classic black tone and a natural brown mascara, Clinique’s Black Honey Mascara is described as a burgundy hue that delivers on both volume and length. It’s 100% fragrance-free and safe for even the most sensitive eyes. What sets it apart from other burgundy mascaras, however, is the slightly plummy-ness to the tone, which makes it feel less like a coloured mascara and more like a warming tint. 

So loved is the colour that Clinique fans have taken to their Instagrams to share their obsession stating things like ‘the colour is perfect,’ so of course I had to give it a go for myself. Keep scrolling to see what I thought…

My honest review

Jazzria Harris wearing Clinique Black Honey Mascara

(Image credit: Jazzria Harris)

As a fan of a more natural make-up look, I was intrigued by Clinique’s Black Honey Mascara. While I’ve flirted with brown and clear mascaras in the past (both with varying success), a burgundy mascara was something new for me, and so I was interested to see how the richer tone would translate and whether it would offer me everything I want from a natural-looking day-to-day mascara.

Before I get into the mascara itself, let’s talk about the brush. Made with soft bristles that conical slightly at the tip, it’s great for catching even the smallest of lashes and coats them evenly without overloading the product. I did need to do a number of swipes to build up to my desired coverage, so it’s definitely not a one-and-done mascara, but it didn’t result in any unwanted clumping which is a big plus from me. It also gave my lashes a nice amount of lift without feeling too over the top for everyday.

Now onto the shade, I’ll preface this by saying that my natural lashes are incredibly dark, and so I wasn’t expecting the biggest of colour payoffs, however for me that’s not the point of Clinique Black Honey Mascara. What it did give my lashes was a richness and a warmth that I really loved and felt more akin to my natural hair colour than traditional black tones. Since my first try out, I’ve found myself reaching for this most often on sunny days, as the hint of plum balances nicely with golden, glowy make-up for a soft, summer look.

Where I’d say this mascara excels is in its richness, giving the appearance of healthy, natural looking lashes. While it isn’t a mascara that’s going to have people asking what you’re wearing, what it is going to do is have people asking what lash serum you're using—and for me that makes it even better. Now, if you tell them your secret, that’s up to you. 

Jazzria Harris
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