Why BB creams are the quick fix for instantly flawless skin

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    Want great-looking skin without the heaviness of foundation? The best BB cream not only offers decent coverage but a whole load of skin benefits too.

    But if you’re not yet clued in on what they are and how they work, keep reading for the Marie Claire guide to all things BB (and the best CC cream and DD cream when you’re done here).

    What is BB Cream?

    Standing for ‘blemish balm’ or in some cases ‘beauty balm’, BB cream is an Asian skincare staple that’s dominated the market for years.

    Although they have the Korean market to thank for their fame, the first BB cream was actually invented in Germany by dermatologist Dr Christine Schrammek (and it’s still available today over 50 years later). The idea was to create a product that combined make-up with skincare, for patients to use after a peel or cosmetic surgery.

    It wasn’t until the 2010s that they really burst onto the scene here in the UK, and now you’ll rarely find a beauty junkie’s make-up bag without one.

    The best BB cream is a kind of ‘does it all’ skincare buy, providing coverage as well as other skin benefits like moisture, blemish control, antioxidants and everyday essential SPF. And, of course, there’s a little pigment involved to even our your complexion without the heavy, flawless finished of a foundation. Think your best tinted moisturiser, but better coverage.

    Best BB cream vs CC cream – what’s the difference?

    While BB creams disguise blemishes and make your complexion look more even overall, CC creams target discolouration and even our your skin tone but with less coverage; the CC part stands for colour correction.

    So whether you’re looking for the best BB cream for oily skin, combination skin or the best BB cream for dry skin, find your new skin hero in our edit below.

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