This low-maintenance hair colour technique has taken over TikTok—and it's perfect for summer

Say hello to the Scandi hairline

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If you've been on TikTok lately, then you may have come across a certain hair trend that has taken over the internet. Racking up a casual eight million views and counting, say hello to the #scandihairline.

This low-maintenance hair colour technique is the perfect way to brighten up your hair colour this summer, and the experts over at John Frieda have given us the full lowdown on the look. Interested? Keep on scrolling for everything you need to know. 

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What is the 'Scandi hairline'?

According to Michael Gray, John Frieda’s UK Creative Stylist, "The Scandinavian hairline – also known as the 'Scandi hairline' - is a colour technique that mimics where the sun hits certain parts of the forehead. Not only is this trend a low cost option to make your blonde pop, but it’s also a great way to limit the damaging effects of bleach as only the baby hairs are coloured. This technique thereby gives a brighter and lighter looking 'halo' effect to the rest of your hair with minimal effort needed."


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How can you achieve the 'Scandi hairline?'

"Colourists will take a small section of the hair along the hairline, better known as your baby hairs, and bleach them with a freehand lightener," explains Gray. "This method is quick, effortless and gives a brighter appearance, whilst still achieving a natural and seamless look."

How to maintain the look

If you decide to try the 'Scandi hairline' out for yourself, it's important to look after your hair in order to keep the colour looking fresh for as long as possible. Gray recommends using a colour-depositing shampoo at home to extend the life of your hair colour. We've linked some of our top brands below, so keep on scrolling to shop and get ready to say hello to your best hair yet.

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