Healthy hair is in right now and the polished bob is the easiest way to show it off

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Polished bob
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Every day it seems there's a new bob hairstyle out there—I'm looking at you '90s bob and French bob. But I'm not mad about it, not even a little, because each style is just as beautiful as the next. The best bit? It's also the ultimate cut for hair health.

Our current favourite is the polished bob, exuding elegance and suitable for all hair types. If you fancy getting the chop or want to restyle your hair, we called in the help of hairstylist and salon founder Edward James to give us the lowdown. 

What is the polished bob? 

As the name suggests, the polished bob is all about that, well, polished finish. "The polished bob radiates sophistication and elegance and is marked by its sleek and well-kept look," explains Edward. It features a bob cut with even length and is "devoid of split ends or dryness and [has] plenty of shine." Sounds pretty great, right? Especially for the party season since it's great for all hair types and can be styled in multiple ways. 

Who suits a polished bob? 

In short, everyone. If you're into that short bob length then you can rock the polished bob. It's all about adapting the cut to suit each hair type. The key is all about hair health, which looks different for everyone. "It is a timeless style that's suitable for all age groups, and is a flattering look for everyone as it's groomed and sophisticated," Edward says. 

It works on all hair textures whether, that's sleek strands or defined curls. Although more catered towards straight hair, there's no reason you can't adapt it for shiny, bouncy curls if you want to keep your natural hair texture.

Although fully adaptable, it's particularly great for those with fine hair, "as it can create the illusion of thicker, more voluminous hair and provide more movement when cut well," explains Edward. 

Although it requires hair health maintenance, once you've got your routine down, it's not all that high-maintenance of a style. "It also grows out well and doesn’t require as frequent visits to the hairdresser as shorter pixie hairstyles." 

Prepping the hair for a polished bob

Hair prep is the key to an excellent polished bob. Since hair health is key, the first rule is to keep up with regular cuts; getting those trims in every 6-8 weeks avoids split, dry ends. 

When it comes to washing and conditioning your hair, Edward recommends Aveda’s Smooth Infusion range to keep hair smooth, especially in this damp weather. "Before using heated styling tools like straighteners or curling tongs, apply a heat protectant spray to shield your hair from heat damage, ideally one that is lightweight to prevent the finished style looking weighed down or stiff," he adds. His favourite is the Oribe Balm D’Or as it works for all hair types and a little goes a long way. 

Styling a polished bob 

When it comes to styling, it's all in the products you use. Edward recommends Color Wow’s Dream Coat Spray before drying the hair, which acts as a temporary shield from moisture and will keep your hair smooth for days. Another product I love is the Moroccanoil Frizz Shield Spray which, as the name suggests, helps keep frizz to a minimum. 

"To finish styling, use a light-hold hairspray that will not make the hair look stiff or dull; Aveda’s Air Control hairspray is amazing for this style and also smells incredible," Edward adds. 

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