Leo hair is having a moment right now—and it works for every sign

It's Leo season, so go big or go home

Emili Sindlev street style with big, blonde, curly leo hair
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When our Acting Senior Beauty Editor, Shannon, asked me to write a story about 'Leo hair', I needed some clarification. "You know, big, bouncy, look-at-me hair—like a lion's mane," she told me. (She's a Leo, she's allowed to say that.) It started to make more sense when I saw J Lo's birthday appreciation posts on Instagram, earlier this week. Of course, she is a Leo, and she has Leo hair. Yes, it's Leo season, which means from now until the 22nd of August, it's go big or go home. Think big bounce, bigger blow dries and even bigger volume.

As a self-confessed astrology girl, I can tell you now that Leos are known for loving the limelight and being the centre of attention. Right now, that same mentality is showing in this season's hair trends. Building on the year's current leading trend, the glow dry, Leo hair is bigger, more voluminous and more polished than anything we've seen so far.

"Leo is a sign represented by a lion. Leos have big, loud personalities and have hairstyles to match this. Like a proud lion, [it makes sense for them to have] long, thick hair," says astro-manifesting coach and founder of The Manifesting AppDalila Salgueiro

"Leo's bright, sunny presence is great for light caramel and brown hair colours. A bouncy blowout and waves is the way to go," Salguerio adds.

Not a Leo but want to embrace Leo hair? Don't be surprised if you crave a hair change over the next month that screams 'it's all about me'—it's just Leo season doing its work.

A bouncy Leo hair look is the perfect trend, whatever your sign or hair style. You can embrace Leo hair whatever your colour or cut—whether that be cherry red, cowgirl copper or Birkin bangs. Here, we've rounded up the best Leo hair inspiration to recreate at home or take to the salon. 

The Leo mane 

True to Salguerio's words above, this is literally the Leo hair look. With light caramel colour and a big, bouncy blowout with waves, J Lo's look is the epitome of Leo energy.

Bombshell blonde

Sorry to say, but Barbie blonde isn't going anywhere soon—and it looks great with Leo vibes. Our advice? Add in some layers for extra volume, whatever the length of your hair.

Leo curtain bangs

Curtain bangs have been having a moment for a little while now, and with extra lift and blown-out volume, a Leo look is born.

The Blown Out Bob 

Just because it's the season for bounce and volume, it doesn't mean girls with bob hairstyles need to be left out. Try this look by styling in bouncy ends and create volume at the roots (a mousse will help) for a Leo-esque style that won't be missed. 

The Leo side part 

Lucky enough to have voluminous hair naturally? Try a side part to push all the volume to one side and really lean into the drama of Leo season.

Copper cowgirl Leo hair

A Leo hair look is fiery, period. But a Leo cut with copper colour? It will do all the talking for you. Keep scrolling for top tips on how to recreate the Leo hair at home. 

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