High-tech hair is trending. But £50 for a shampoo? Really?

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  • If the new trend for skincare-led hair products is as exciting as the science, you might just be tempted to part with your cash, says Charlotte Clark

    When it comes to vital ingredients, sharing really is caring, as the growing demand for cross-pollination between skincare and high-tech hair products proves. Last year, we saw micellar water, our favourite ingredient for gentle make-up removal, become the foundation for the non-stripping Everyday Gentle range by Charles Worthington. Meanwhile, Tresemmé’s new Biotin+ Repair 7 line harnesses the power of biotin, also known as vitamin H, which is renowned for strengthening hair and supporting healthy skin and nails.

    Charles Worthington shampoo

    Now French brand Sisley has upped the stakes. Its luxe Hair Rituel range harnesses the expertise of the same team that formulates its award-winning skincare. Sisley’s scientific director, José Ginestar, explains why we’re seeing more collaboration between the two categories. ‘Every day our hair is exposed to the same internal and external aggressors as our skin – UV damage, pollution, fatigue and stress – and it suffers in the same way,’ says Ginestar. But the science behind these new formulations can come at a price. So is it worth the investment?

    Tresemme primer cream

    High-tech hair: the hero hydrators

    Ceramides work wonders for our skin because the molecules form a protective layer to plump and hold moisture. Now, we’re seeing the benefits in haircare, too. ‘Applied to hair, they strengthen and protect against split ends and boost shine,’ says Ginestar. With this in mind, Sisley has invented a new ingredient to mimic ceramides and used it in its Revitalizing Shampoo and Restructuring Conditioner to banish breakage and leave hair with a mirror-like polish.

    Sisley rituel

    High-tech hair: the youth boosters

    We know antioxidants have a positive impact on our complexion, but what about our hair? In skincare, antioxidants prevent oxidative stress and free-radical damage causing accelerated ageing and a decline in collagen – but these stresses have the same effect on your locks, too, leading to ‘a loss of vitality and even itching or redness on the scalp’, says Ginestar. To combat this, Sisley uses a mix of vitamins and minerals in several of its face products and now in its Regenerating Hair Care Mask, while Percy & Reed utilises antioxidant vitamin E in its Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Wash Shampoo. ‘Depleted [collagen] reserves can lead to weakened follicles and a loss of hair density,’ Ginestar explains. Einkorn wheat extract can also help to nix glycation – a process that causes collagen to become damaged. Traditionally, this has appeared in facial sunscreen, but Sisley is now using it in its Revitalizing Fortifying Serum to repair fragile strands for thicker-looking hair.

    High-tech hair: the verdict

    Yes, Hair Rituel is at the pricier end of the market (from £49.50), but after using skincare-inspired hair products for one week, my locks looked glossier and decidedly healthier, too. So, it seems twinning really is winning.

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