'Dream girl blonde' is the luxe-looking hair aesthetic experts are dubbing this summer's biggest trend

70s-inspired and chic: it's dream girl blonde

Dream girl blonde
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For years now, my goal has always been to be as blonde as physically possible. Whatever the latest hair trend might be, I've long asked hairstylists to pile on the bleach—condition and hair health be damned—and have always gone after that cool-girl icy aesthetic. However, of late, I've sought something a little more natural-looking; a blonde hair look that grows out gracefully (I have been travelling for several months now) and that allows me to embrace my natural hues as I get a little older. 

This is how 'dream girl blonde' entered my life at the perfect time. Since it was put on my radar a couple of weeks ago by a top hair stylist, this look has me falling in love with blonde all over again, despite being blonde every single day of my 31 years so far. This luxe-looking, boho-inspired, ultra-gorgeous-for-summer warm blonde has me obsessed. Want to know more? I've got you covered.

What is 'dream girl blonde'?

If laidback, natural vibes are your thing, dream girl blonde will meet your aesthetic. Inspired by boho babes like Sienna Miller, Florence Welch and Zoe Kravitz, this trend is a nod to the free-spirited nature of the 70s. 

“The aesthetic for the dream girl blonde trend is all about lightness, movement and fluidity,” says STIL founder and creative director, Christel Barron-Hough. “It’s both practical and playful and can be seen on the likes of runway models such as Doutzen Kroes and stars like Tyra Banks, Jessica Alba and Margot Robbie.”

How to get the look

While box dye is always an option, as a blonde I always recommend visiting a salon for colour techniques such as this. Barron-Hough has become an expert in cool girl blonde hues, and her technique for dream girl blonde combines foiling and surface colouring, the latter of which adds dimension, depth and flow to the hair, with the former creating lightness and texture. 

If you want a natural grow-out like I do, you're in luck, because roots can easily be incorporated and blended for a natural finish here, with the help of some balayage techniques. In short, this is the ultimate low-maintenance blonde.

Colour-wise, this look is best complemented by soft, simple hues such as pine blonde, organic wheat (similar to linen blonde) and rustic pale brown. Barron-Hough also says it can suit a variety of complexions, as the blonde colours can be dialled up or down.

How to style 'dream girl blonde'

“I love to style the dream girl look with fashion-forward mermaid waves, to create just a hint of barely-there movement," says Barron-Hough. "Imagine flowing hair with natural texture in dreamy summer fields." Utilising tools such as Dyson's Airwrap can help to create a natural wave here, as can a finishing glossy hair oil. 

The best thing about dream girl blonde is that it also really allows you to lean into your natural hair texture—looking just as exceptional on natural curls as it does with styled waves.

Another key element to the dream girl blonde aesthetic is ensuring hair is looking and feeling healthy; as blondes, we can experience ample dryness and breakage, so regularly using hair masks and flooding the hair with hydration goes a long way to achieve those flowing, strong lengths.

Rebecca Fearn

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