The best hair masks for a deep treatment for your locks

Restore your hair to its former glory with these super hero formulas

When it comes to dry and damaged hair, the best hair masks are like a physiotherapy session for your locks, and we’re shopping them more now than ever before.

A more concentrated version of your best conditioner, hair masks are packed with nutritive ingredients to target your biggest hair concerns, whether that’s repairing damage or adding brilliance to coloured hair. These days there are even sheet masks for hair, perfect for the beauty trend enthusiast or serial Instagrammer.

Use after your best shampoo and leave on for five minutes, or as the packaging advises. ‘A lot of people skip this step and just add a lot of serum at the drying stage, but then you lose the lightness and freshness of the blow dry,’ says ghd UK ambassador Zoë Irwin. ‘The secret weapon here is definitely a hair mask!

‘For very dry hair I would even recommend “double masking” – so applying a mask, rinsing and then repeating a second time for ultimate hydration.’

Read on as we chart our favourite hair masks, as well as specific recommendations for your hair type too. Your locks will be the envy of them all…

Best hair masks for damaged hair

Bleach London Beer Treatment Mask, £10, Cult Beauty

best hair mask bleach

Did you know that beer was the best way to restore damaged hair? True story. However, you aren’t required to drink it. Sorry about that. The reason is that beer contains reparative proteins that work to put right all the wrongs. They’re small enough to penetrate the hair shaft to strengthen, repair, soften and detangle. It’s also got B vitamins, magnesium and selenium that add further nourishment and protection against further damage. We suppose you could have a beer to celebrate your new healthy hair?!

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Best hair masks for dry hair

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Masque, £24.75, Lookfantastic

best hair masks kerastase

Kérastase’s Elixir Ultime is pretty famous in its own right as one of the best hair oils in the world, so the bar is already set pretty high for this mask. It’s thick and rich deliciousness that dry hair will quickly soak up, revealing shiny and healthy locks that hair ads can only dream of. We love it.

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Best hair masks for bleached hair

L’Oréal Professionnel Blondifier Masque, £17.45, Lookfantastic

best hair masks loreal blondifier

Ask any platinum blonde and they’ll tell you that maintaining their bleached locks takes a heck of a lot of work – and a lot out of their hair, too. L’Oréal’s latest range is designed specifically to add brightness and shine to blonde hair, as well as nourishing and smoothing its fibres for hair that looks and feels better.

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Best hair masks for coloured hair

Pureology Hydrate Superfood Mask, £28.55, Cult Beauty

best hair masks Pureology Superfood

As well as the best shampoo for coloured hair, a good hair mask will also help to preserve your shade if you dye your hair on the regular. Pureology’s does exactly that, with the hydration mask quenching your colour’s hairs thirst and restoring it to its former glory. The superfood formula is like a green smoothie for your hair, containing avocado and coconut oils for hydration and shine. Bottoms up.

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Best hair masks for curly hair

Sachajuan Curl Treatment, £23, Fabled

best hair masks

Curly hair takes a little bit more work than straight, with its structure meaning the natural oils have a trickier time making their way down the hair shaft. Give it a helping hand with Sachajuan’s specially formulated curl treatment, fixing your split ends and smoothing out the hair cuticle. You’ll get so many compliments on how much shinier and bouncier your curls are (I’m saying this from personal experience).

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Whatever your biggest hair concern, rest assured that these masks will do the trick – shop a few more of our favourites below.

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