Trust us, cinnamon nails are going to be this season's most requested manicure—here's all the inspiration you could need

This way for a spicy nail upgrade

cinnamon nails
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2023 has been the year of the nail trend—from milky manis to Barbie-inspired chromes, the hues have varied from understated to out-there. This autumn, however, there’s a new colour palette emerging as the one to wear on your nails: spicy reds, chocolate browns, and deep burgundies. We’re coining them cinnamon nails and they’re surprisingly wearable. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the grown-up neutral, and how to recreate it at home.

What are cinnamon nails?

As the name suggests, cinnamon nails tend to be warm-toned, earthy brown hues with red or orange undertones—just like the spice. But its an ultra-versatile nail trend. "As the weather gets colder and darker we naturally tend to gravitate away from pastels and colours with lots of white in them, to more muted or darker-based colours," explains Ashleigh Alli, founder of nail brand ASHE London.

What colours fit the cinnamon nails trend?

Think spicy reds, chocolate browns, and burnt oranges when you're opting for cinnamon nails this autumn. "Red and brown shades work as a nice transition from the more summery shades to something that will complement our heavier, layered wardrobes without getting lost," explains Ashleigh. "Cinnamon nails aren't about light colours, but they have depth and brightness to lift our outfits—and our moods!"

Cinnamon nail inspiration

Mahogany Spice

This beautiful reddish-brown shade lends instant autumn vibes to a basic rounded manicure.

Smoked Cherry

A subtle hint of cherry-red adds a pop to this sultry manicure colour.

Burnished Brick

This toasty red is the freshly-fallen autumn leaves in nail polish form. 

Burgundy Shine

This red grape-inspired shade has brown undertones to add warmth and a high-shine finish that looks so sophisticated.

Fall Picante

This dark red is so warm and inviting that it's basically the nail equivalent of a cosy blanket.

Pecan Snap

This warm, nutty brown is deliciously glossy and utterly timeless. 

Cinnamon Tips

Skip block colour in favour of cinnamon and vanilla cream-spiked tips for an autumnal take on the colourful French manicure.

Recreate cinnamon nails at home

Cinnamon nails look best when they’re worn in a block colour with an ultra-opaque finish. We’d recommend applying at least two thin layers—more if needed—before finishing with a high-shine or gel-appearance top coat for an expensive-looking glossy finish. Below are some of the best nail polish shades to get the cinnamon nail look at home, recommended by us and our nail expert. 

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