A-List fitness tips: The stars share their workout secrets

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Discover how the A-list keep in shape

As the old adage goes, bikini season waits for no-one (ok, so we just made that up, but it’s totally true and summer is literally here), and as these A-listers attest, being fit is a job for all year around. And whether we want to commend them, copy them or cry into our milkshakes as we look at their lithe limbs, there’s no denying that these celebrities have a few tricks up their sleeves that keep them looking healthy and feeling amazing.

Luckily, we’ve done some digging and discovered, with near-perfect accuracy, exactly what these fitness and eating tricks are. From Miranda Kerr’s special blood-type diet to Pippa Middleton and Cameron Diaz explaining why they love lifting weights and doing pilates, there’s a lot to learn from this lot. We’ve also got Gwyneth Paltrow discussing how celeb trainer Tracey Anderson really whips her into shape and Britney divulging her daily workout routine – these A-list tips aren’t rocket science, but they do sound pretty hardcore and will provide us with great motivation for revamping our own workout and eating plans when we hit that brick wall.

First up we have Halle Berry who has been blessing us with her artsy Instagrams as of late…

What’s her secret? Halle has always been known for her great body, and after posting an Instagram of her and her trainer Nat Bardonnet getting their fitness on at the beach, it’s clear she likes to couple it up to motivate her through those gruelling sets. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she gets to do it on a gorgeous beach – she captioned her stunning Insta, ‘Being in London makes me miss my workout buddy @natbardonnet.’

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