Christmas present ideas for boyfriends Credit: Rex

We spoke to model David Gandy to find out what's on his wish-list. Mainly so that we can steal some shopping ideas for the mere mortal men in our own lives

Welcome to the annual tussle between new socks or a bottle of vintage port for the lucky man in your life. What to buy your boyfriend for Christmas is an age-old dilemma so – as anyone in our position would – we thought: what if David Gandy was our boyfriend? What would he want for Christmas? So we gave him a call to ask him for some Christmas present ideas for boyfriends. And it proved super useful.

Posh socks

‘The one thing I always recommend to everyone is this brilliant subscription service by The London Sock Co. where you can buy somebody a subscription and they get sent a few pairs of beautifully-wrapped socks in the mail, as often as they need them. They’ve also just expanded into ties and handkerchiefs and although accessories aren’t as major for men as for women, this is something that will always make a useful gift. Coming from a person who predominantly has suits in his wardrobe, I’m a big advocate of handkerchiefs, socks and ties to offset a good suit.’

‘Smellies for him’

‘Fragrance is a great gift, but it’s a very personal item so you need to get it right. I wear Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue and like all fragrances, I think it smells different on different people. I saw one of my friends recently and I said, ‘Wow, that smells great, what are you wearing?’ and he said, ‘I’m wearing Light Blue, you idiot, isn’t that your fragrance??’ I think it’s always good to go for an unusual fragrance to make it more personal. Not many people know about The Velvet Collection of D&G exclusive fragrances because it’s only sold in Harrods but they definitely have the power to wow.’


Man bags

‘Luggage and bags are a great gift for guys and Aspinal is the best place to go. I often go there at Christmas or it’s my go-to place for special occasion gifts. They can personalise bags with your initials, which I think is a great touch. I have a man bag from there that has a built-in power pack to charge all your tech and a tracker to link it up to your phone at all times. You can’t go wrong with boys’ toys. When you travel a lot it’s good to have great luggage.’

Food aplenty

‘If your man is a bit of a foodie, then I think a food hamper from somewhere like Fortnum & Mason or Harvey Nics is always a winner. It’s a nice gift for Christmas and feels very British. Some people make the chutney and preserves last all year but no food would last long in my house!’

Team Marie Claire’s gift ideas for him


‘I think there’s a real movement towards people giving experiences as gifts rather than just stuff so that’s one to think about. Clubbing together with friends or family to book the trip of a lifetime is a great alternative to presents. I’ll be spending Christmas in South Africa this year with my sister, her husband and five children and it’s a great chance to spend some quality time together. In the past, we’ve trekked for gorillas in Uganda and spent Christmas on the beach in Florida. But wherever in the world we are, it wouldn’t be Christmas without sitting down to watch Home Alone or Chevy Chase in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. We stayed in Scotland one year and sitting by a log fire when it’s snowing outside is my idea of the perfect Christmas.’

Something for us

‘And for the lady in your life… ooh now buying for a woman is tricky. It all depends on the individual. I can’t give away what I bought this year but I think in a world where everything is so readily available and you can get hold of anything so quickly, it’s good to keep it personal. I like Not On The High Street and Etsy for quirky little gifts that you can personalise. That’s much better than a generic present. I tend to buy handbags for girls in my life, personally customised with their initials and beautifully wrapped.’

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