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The best tinted moisturisers to get radiant skin

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Your foolproof one-way ticket to healthy, radiant skin

Sure, we would all love to go sans make-up, we long for the kind of skin that’s even and smooth and doesn’t require 20-minutes in the morning with base and a foundation brush. However, the reality is our skin, more often than not, needs a little help with redness or blemishes (to say the least). That’s where owning the best tinted moisturiser can help.

Wearing your best foundation every single day is a bit too much of a commitment for many. While some love a fully made-up, selfie-worthy face, the rest of us are more than happy for a little imperfection to show through now and then, after all, make-up isn’t there to make us look perfect, it’s there to emphasise our best bits and boost our confidence.

This is why, after all these years, we’re still obsessed with tinted moisturisers. In a market saturated in more alphabetised skin care/make-up hybrids than you can shake a stick at. each with a different USP whether that’s targeting pigmentation or neutralising redness, it’s refreshing to revert back to a simple product that evens out our skin tone, moisturises and, if you’re lucky, includes an SPF. Enter, the best tinted moisturiser.

Almost every brand offers their take on a tinted moisturiser, and, while they’re not all-singing-all-dancing like some of the best BB creams or the best CC cream, they are invaluable. Besides, if your skin is in pretty good nick then it’s unlikely that it will benefit much from anything too complicated; after all, your skin is functioning pretty well of its own accord.

The best tinted moisturiser is, in our opinion, an everyday staple. Unless there’s acne, scarring or severe pigmentation to disguise, almost all skin types and tones look better with less coverage – something super hydrating, and life-like in touch and appearance.

Scroll through our round up to find the best tinted moisturiser for your skin type today.

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