This is the secret to removing fake tan properly

Because who wants streaky, patchy post-fake tan skin? Exactly.

We’ve all had to remove fake tan at one point or another. Whether it’s that one annoying streak on your elbow that you were sure you had exfoliated properly, or a scrubbing meltdown after realising you were slightly overzealous when picking your shade, many of us will know the panic of trying to remove fake tan after a bit of a disaster.

Even if you’ve invested in the best fake tan out there, and you’ve swotted up on all the fake tan tips we could possibly give you, chances are you’re not going to get it right 100% of the time.

Luckily there are ways to remove a terracotta disaster and give yourself a more naturally sun-kissed glow, and St Tropez’s tanning guru, Jules Heptonstall, is here to help.

How to remove fake tan

‘Don’t panic scrub. You’ll end up taking the tan off in patches and it’ll become a snowballing effect,’ Jules warns.

Instead, try using a light body polish mixed with a tiny amount of bath or massage oil and repeat this a couple of times for an even all-over fade. Alternatively, make a trip down to your local swimming pool if you don’t mind being a bit stripey in public (yes, really).

‘Go swimming,’ Jules recommends. ‘The chlorine will break down the tan. In the showers afterwards, take those exfoliating gloves and work in circular motions. Steam rooms and saunas will soften the tan, too.’

How to remove fake tan streaks

If your self-tanning session has turned into a streaky mess, don’t panic. The easiest way to wave goodbye to liney limbs is to run a bath and fill it up with a bath oil. This will soften the tan, and using a remover mitt in circular motions will ensure that any stubborn patches are evenly removed.

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How to remove fake tan from hands and feet

Orange, patchy hands and blotchy feet are often the biggest giveaway that you’ve been hitting bottle, but luckily there’s a kitchen cupboard staple could be the answer to your prayers.

Add two tablespoons of baking soda to some water and mix to create a paste. Then rub this it over your hands or feet, leaving it on for a few minutes and ensuring you haven’t missed any particularly bad creases before washing it off.

remove fake tan

How to remove fake tan quickly

Vaguely remember hearing something about lemons and brushing it off as an old wives tale? Turns out there’s something in it.

‘The old faithful combination of lemons and sugar mixed together will work to an extent but you really need a mitt or glove to get deeper,’ Jules advises.

How to remove fake tan from clothes

Getting fake tan stains on your favourite shirt or nicest sheets can be an absolute nightmare. You need to try and remove the stain while it is still wet.

Reversing the fabric and running it under cold water will help to loosen the product, but try not to rub it as you could end up smearing it and making it far worse. Instead, mix warm water and some detergent and sponge onto the affected area, repeating until the stain has disappeared.

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