Kate Middleton’s colleague of 10 years explains what she’s really like to work with

The Cambridges are undoubtedly the most talked-about family in the world, with Prince William and Kate Middleton never failing to make viral news.

From the Cambridge family’s relocation to London to their mention in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Oprah interview, this past few years have been all about the family of five (now six with their new secret puppy).

It is the Duchess of Cambridge who tends to make the most news, from royal insiders analysing her 'ruthless survival streak' to royal photographer Matt Porteous opening up about what it's like taking photographs with her.

But what is Kate Middleton really like behind closed doors? One colleague opened up about it this week.

Kate Middleton started working with the Scouts shortly after joining the royal fold, and last year was made Vice President. Scout CEO Matt Hyde therefore has worked with her for a long time, and had no hesitation telling the Mirror, that 'what you see is what you get' with Kate.

'She's totally charming and very good at putting people at ease,' he explained. 'As you imagine, whether you're a scout leader or a young person, when you're meeting the Duchess of Cambridge some people are in awe or starstruck.

'Behind the scenes she's consistent with what you see in public. I think there are some people in the public eye who have such resonate with the public, and that's because what you see is what you get.'

He continued: 'She's fantastic at asking the right questions and listening to people. She's naturally good at engaging with people all ages. She really does bring the best out of young people and she really wants to hear their stories.

'It's always such an exciting moment when you get to spend time with her and you can see her shine but also bring the best out of others.'

Well, that's lovely.

Jenny Proudfoot
Features Editor

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