The Queen called health secretary Matt Hancock a 'poor man' while speaking to Boris Johnson

.... Interesting.

.... Interesting.

In a meeting with Boris Johnson yesterday, The Queen referred to the current Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, as a 'poor man'.

Speaking to the PM at their weekly meeting, she said: "I've just been talking to your secretary of state for health, poor man. He came for Privy Council."

"He's full of...", she went on. "Full of beans?", put forward Mr Johnson.

This comes the same week as it's believed HRH gave a subtle show of support for Harry and Meghan and a sweet photo of Prince William and and Prince George is going viral (you won't want to miss it).

Plus, it's been claimed that William and Kate refused to speak to Harry after Prince Philip’s funeral in case the conversation was leaked.

Normally, the prime minister has a meeting with the Queen every day Wednesday, but these haven't been held since 11th March last year.

Since the first lockdown, Johnson and HRH have spoken via telephone call, instead.

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Normally, these meetings between HRH and the prime minister are kept private, but to celebrate the first face-to-face meeting of Royalty and parliament member since before lockdown, cameras were allowed in.

They were allowed to film the beginning of the meeting, but not the end.

HRH went on to add that Hancock had told her he "thinks things are getting better."

It's not been the best month for Hancock. In leaked text messages between former aide Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson, the prime minister is shown referring to the Health Secretary as 'hopeless.'

Fun fact: meetings between HRH and the prime minister first began in 1952, and have taken place weekly ever since. No records are kept of the conversations, and no advisers attend for either party.

Matt Hancock had been among other politicians to meet the Queen at Privy Council, which is essentially a body of senior political figures. This includes current politicians and former prime ministers who all act to advise and guide the Monarch. They normally meet once a month.

A return to normality must be on it's way if the Queen is doing face-to-face meetings again, huh?

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