Apparently the Queen "banned" Harry and Meghan from taking photos during her first meeting with Lilibet

Did you know?

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Did you know?

It's no news that The Queen met her great-granddaughter, Lilibet, for the first time over the weekend.

Harry, Meghan were in the UK with children Archie and Lilibet, ages three and one respectively, for the first time since the couple stepped down as working royals and moved to the US in 2020.

On Thursday after Trooping the Colour, The Queen finally met her great-granddaughter for the first time - but it's thought that she "banned" photographers from capturing the moment on camera.

It's been reported that Harry and Meghan had hoped to bring a professional photographer into Windsor Castle to capture the monumental and historical moment.

Some Royal experts even questioned why no official pictures of the meeting had been released - but it's thought that direct orders from The Monarch herself prevented this from happening.

One source told The Sun there was "no chance" of the child - who was meeting her namesake for the first time - being photographed with Her Majesty, adding: "Harry and Meghan wanted their photographer to capture the moment Lilibet met the Queen but they were told no chance. It was a private family meeting."

As to why - one Royal expert Daniela Elser shared with that this could have been to prevent the photo "blowing all other Jubilee coverage out of the water."

In the weeks leading up to the Platinum Jubilee, several experts had voiced concerns that Harry and Meghan flying back to the UK for the occasion might overshadow The Queen's celebrations and the marking of her landmark 70 years on the throne.

That said, the couple maintained a low profile over the course of the weekend, even flying back to the US early on Sunday morning before the celebrations had finished.

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Lilibet celebrated her birthday while in the UK with an intimate birthday party hosted at Frogmore Cottage. Its thought faces were painted and a peony-topped pink cake made by Claire Ptak - the same baker who made Harry and Meghan's wedding cake - was served.

Would you have liked to see photos of Lilibet and The Queen from the first time they met, or do you think it was the right decision to maintain the meeting as a private family-only event?

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