Princess Charlotte is receiving tutoring from another member of the royal family

This is so lovely.

This is so lovely.

We can only imagine how amazing it is to be born a Princess. But, one thing we mere mortals can relate to is precious family time.

Princess Charlotte is one of the Queen's twelve great grandchildren, meaning the young royal has a lot of cousins to play with. And while the seven-year-old is said to be a "budding star" at football, she is reported to have recently been broadening her horizons.

It is summer holiday season, which means school children everywhere are spending six weeks doing as they please. This for Princess Charlotte will mean joining her family on their annual summer trip to the one and only, Balmoral Estate. It is said to be the Queen's favourite place to stay, and the Cambridges should be joining the Queen any day.

In previous years, Lady Louise Windsor and Princess Charlotte have grown closer. In fact, it is thought that the eighteen year old daughter of Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex has been like an older sister to Charlotte.

Louise, who is reported to be the Queen's favourite grandchild (even though no grandparent would really admit to having a favourite) has been tutoring Charlotte on the trips.

The Mirror reports, "Louise loves drawing and sketching and was very patiently trying to get Charlotte to do pictures of rabbits and deer."

Yes, Lady Louise is teaching her young relative to draw.

Princess Charlotte and Lady Louise sat by each other while watching the Commonwealth games recently.

It was Charlotte's first solo outing without her siblings, but she had Lady Louise right behind her.

Lady Louise received her A-level results this week, deciding to follow in Prince William and Kate Middleton's footsteps as she secured a place at St Andrew's University.

We can't wait to see how, and if, Princess Charlotte follows in Lady Louise's footsteps.

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