William and Kate's popularity has suffered 'more than the Sussexes' following Harry's memoir

The latest poll may be 'concerning' for the royal family

Prince William and Kate Middleton
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In the last few months, Prince Harry has publicly spoken about life behind closed doors at the Palace. During the Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan, the Duke of Sussex opened up about his relationships with various members of the royal family, as well as why the couple decided to relocate from the UK to the US

Weeks after it aired, Harry released his memoir Spare, and a number of anecdotes and accusations dominated the headlines - ranging from the inclusion of Spice Girls lyrics, to his alleged physical altercation with Prince William

Although many have supported Harry and his decision to share his side of the story, he has also faced huge backlash. 

However, according to a new poll, Prince William and Kate Middleton's popularity has suffered more than the Sussexes in the wake of his revelations. 

According to Ipsos Mori, William's ratings have dropped by eight percentage points, while Kate's ratings have dropped by seven percentage points. 

Harry's has also been impacted, dropping seven points, and Meghan's dropping by five points. 

The poll showed that following the release of Spare, the Prince and Princess of Wales' favourability had dipped but they still remain two of the most popular royals with 61% saying they had a positive opinion of William, and 60% saying the same of Kate. The poll also showed that 70% think William would be a good King. 

Harry's popularity stands at 23%, while Meghan's is at 19%. 

Overall, 53% said that they felt favourable towards the royal family as a whole, and 51% felt favourable towards King Charles III. 

Media and crisis management expert Anthony Burr told Express.co.uk that the royal family may be 'concerned' with the ratings, as 'public opinion is the highest priority for them'. 

He said: "The whole ethos has always been don't react, carry on, business as usual, but I think they need to up it now, be more visible and appeal to the younger generations more, who have the fate of the Royal Family in their hands, because if you start having a big movement of young republicans that could be the death knell for the Royal Family. But if they work on this agenda they are going to be fine."

At present, the royal family has not commented on Harry memoir. 

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